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Arts Roundup: Tear Down This Rec Center Edition

Should the Wheaton Community Recreation Center—the place of a legendary (but possibly imaginary) Led Zeppelin concert in 1969—be demolished alongside the Wheaton Library? Or preserved? [Greater Greater Washington]
Here's what the Spy Museum may look like when it opens at the Carnegie Library. [WBJ]
If you've wondered about the whereabouts of D.C.'s Matthew Hemerlein, well, he's putting out [...]

Arts Roundup: Vandalized Edition

Woman arrested under suspicion of vandalizing National Cathedral and possibly the Smithsonian Castle and Lincoln Memorial. [Post]
A history of D.C. landmark vandalism [Post]
Dismemberment Plan releases cover art for Uncanney Valley [Dismemberment Plan]
Exploring D.C.'s murals with geocaching [Greater Greater Washington]
Quotidian Theatre and Keegan Theatre win some dollars. [D.C. Theatre Scene]
A robot comes to Fort Reno. [Theodore [...]

Quotidian’s Master Harold…and the Boys, Reviewed

Athol Fugard’s Master Harold...and the Boys is a one-scene distillation of how institutionalized hatred—South African apartheid, in this case—can perpetuate itself as an omnipresent receptacle for an omnipresent substance: pain. This most openly autobiographical of Fugard’s plays shows us, over the course of a languid, rainy afternoon 60 years ago, schoolboy Hally’s close friendship [...]