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ToDo ToDay: “Experimental Media,” Whatever That Means

One of the quietest D.C. art programs is also one of its best. The Washington Project for the Arts’ ongoing Experimental Media series, begun in 2006, brings together artists, curators, and new-media nerds for an event that is part exhibition, part movie night. “Experimental media” is sort of a catch-all term for works of art [...]

ToDo ToDay: Listening Lounge

D.C. Listening Lounge’s informal monthly meetings invite sound lovers and the sound-curious to discover new ways of listening. Attendees bring bird calls, their families’ recorded oral history, found recordings, their own music, and whatever else, encouraging discussion of the sounds’ effect on the listener. Jocelyn Frank, one of the group’s managing facilitators, says there are [...]

Tonight: Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys at Artisphere

Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys, who are at Artisphere tonight, are a Cajun band. But they’re more than that. Formed in 1988, this French-singing Louisiana group, led by singer/accordionist Riley and fiddle player David Greely, started out by covering obscure Cajun two-step numbers and waltzes with energy and precision. But beginning with their 1995 [...]