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Observations From Trillectro: A Lethargic Glizzy, A Surprise Fat Trel, and Part of a Wale Show

It seemed like D.C. didn't know what to make of last year's Trillectro Music Festival. Curated by bloggers Modele "Modi" Oyewole, Quinn Coleman, and Marcel Marshall, Trillectro was the first of its kind for the region—a rare event where hipsters and hip-hop heads converged.
The crowds may have been more ready for this year's festival, having absorbed round after round of Trillectro [...]

Trillectro Returns! Second Fest Planned for August

trillectro hip hop + electronic music festival from DC to BC on Vimeo.
As I've said before, last year's first Trillectro Festival was a great look for D.C. Organizers Modele "Modi" Oyewole, Quinn Coleman, and Marcel Marshall quickly put together a well-rounded festival of local and national musicians at the Fairgrounds in Southeast. Yeah, it rained, but no one seemed [...]

Why Trillectro Was a Great Look for D.C.

First off, the guy in this video was the most trill dude at Trillectro Festival, at least from what I saw. He mostly danced by himself, and yes, that is a feather duster in his hand. No, I don't know why he danced with a duster. But he seemed to have a great time, and that's [...]

Hip-Hop + Electronic Music = Trillectro Festival

Two months ago, DC to BC blogger Modele "Modi" Oyewole was sitting around with his friends Quinn Coleman and Marcel Marshall. The trio discussed the state of popular music, and what to call the marriage of hip-hop and electronica. "Trillectro," Oyewole recalls telling his friends. The name stuck.
On Aug. 11, Oyewole, Coleman, and Marshall will [...]