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RZA on The Man With the Iron Fists and Learning From Quentin Tarantino

As the leader and producer of hip-hop legends Wu-Tang Clan, RZA wears many hats. So it shouldn't be much of a surprise that the actor, author, producer, and musician Bobby Diggs decided to try his hand at directing movies, too.
RZA's directorial debut, The Man With the Iron Fists, opens in the D.C. area tomorrow. He [...]

Young, Scripted, and Black: Regi Allen’s Quest to Make FunkTV the First Urban Alternative Network

In 2009, Regi Allen pitched a program to Black Entertainment Television. They stopped him at the show’s name: Fried Chicken Cinema.
To hear Allen tell it, the BET executives weren’t interested in a show geared toward black audiences that was named with a persistent African-American stereotype in mind—never mind that the network itself frequently faces criticism for [...]

Reviewed: Machete

In 2007, the line "They just fucked with the wrong Mexican"—voiceover from a fake trailer for a nonexistent movie—caused enough of a clamor to get a real film made. Or maybe it was the sight of Cheech Marin as an enthusiastically homicidal priest. Or, perhaps the best, Danny Trejo on a machine-gun-outfitted motorcycle, splaying bullets [...]

Morning Roundup: Pink Floyd, Quentin Tarantino, and Lindsay Lohan Lawsuits Edition

Morning, readers.
*Pink Floyd takes action against its record label, EMI, over a dispute for online royalties. EMI should know by now: "How can you have your pudding if you don't eat any meat?"
*She & Him release their newest school-themed music video for "In the Sun," further proving my theory that M. Ward looks like Robert [...]

Arts Roundup: ‘Morning Afterparty’ Edition

Happy Work Week! Say, anybody find a wallet in Dupont Circle on Friday containing everything that makes me whole? You can keep the cash, just give me back my Bruigher Beard Club membership card.
Oscar was a grouch to James Cameron, far as the big-ticket prizes were concerned. In the end, Avatar took what it deserved, [...]

The Oscars, Abbreviated

Illness has kept me from dishing out my Academy Award predictions and, lest the curse soon be lifted, will probably quash my desire to go live-blog-wild during the telecast.
But I can't be completely silent! So, before the inevitable song-and-dance-and-cheese opening, I offer this:
I remember a sweet time back in early December when I thought that [...]

The News in Film: Early Word on Arrested Development, Kill Bill 3, and More

Briefly Noted: A roundup of industry news
• This Is It tickets selling out worldwide: “It,” in this case, apparently meaning “a goldmine.” Advance sales of Sony’s quickly cobbled-together film of Michael Jackson’s rehearsal footage from what was to be his final tour are already in “epic demand,” according to the studio. Maybe it’s because of [...]