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Listen: Quartermaine’s Quarter Life Crisis

Hip-hop was built on bragging, but somewhere along the way, rappers started living beyond their means. No longer was it cool to rhyme about the struggles of everyday life; by the late-1990s, MCs had transitioned to the pursuit and glorification of cars, clothes, and jewelry.
There's nothing wrong with enjoying the finer things, but how many [...]

Listen: Quartermaine’s New Single, “War of the Roses”

Quartermaine doesn't waste time on his new single, "War of the Roses." "This song is specially dedicated to all adults, parents, teachers," he says at the top of the track. "So-called leaders, stop being elitist."
From there, the DJ/MC/producer launches into the plight of the urban poor: chronic poverty, a lack of chivalry, the difficulties of [...]