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Photos: The Who @ Verizon Center

The Who brought its second rock opera, Quadrophenia, to the Verizon Center last night, led by the band's two surviving original members, lead singer Roger Daltrey and singer/guitarist Pete Townshend. The band wasn't same high-energy act of yesteryear—Townshend didn't slide across the stage on his knees, and Daltrey dialed back his microphone cord-swinging. But then again, [...]

The British Are Coming (Again)

It's a great night for Brit-loving baby boomers and rock 'n' roll historians in D.C. Quench your need for cockney over at the Black Cat with a free Anglophile double header. They'll be showing the stoned-off-their-gourds Liverpool Quartet classic Help! along with everyone's favorite Mods v. Rockers face-off, Quadrophenia. 8:30 p.m. Free.

If the films just [...]