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Photos: Violent Reaction / Arms Race @ Cafe Saint-Ex

Violent Reaction and Arms Race, Cafe Saint-Ex, March 31st.  © 2015 Matt Dunn

Does D.C. Need Another Punk-Rock Documentary? Maybe.

No genre of music gets the documentary treatment more than punk rock. The seminal film Instrument followed Fugazi around for five years. This year's Bad Brains: A Band in D.C., which screened at the SilverDocs festival, did the same for HR and the rest of the guys. American Hardcore was more like a survey of punk, visiting different scenes [...]

The Electricutions’ Rust Belt Punk

Scott Wilson's lyrics are known for their conscience, as evidenced by The Electricutions' 2009 track "Locked Gates/Lonely Roads," a blistering, three-minute indictment of American immigration policy. On its new single "Forgotten City," released Feb. 15 on Windian Records, the band turns its concern to the industrial decline that spans from Western New York to the [...]

Download: Bodycop – “Don’t Move”

The label says Bodycop doesn't have any photos; here's a picture of Foreigner instead.
This is heavy, terrifying music, all sludgy White Zombie guitars and defiant no wave crassness. On "Don't Move," from the upcoming self-titled cassette by D.C.'s Bodycop, slow and dissonant guitars chug beneath sinister pitch-shifted vocals from some other dimension. The only discernible [...]