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Arts Roundup: Smithsonian Shutdown Edition

Budget cuts will force Smithsonian museums to temporarily close, says Secretary Wayne Clough. [AP via ABC News]
Washington Post critic Phil Kennicott wins a Pulitzer for criticism. [City Desk]
Amy Herzog's 4000 Miles, now playing at Studio Theatre, is a Pulitzer finalist. [Post]
Washington Performing Arts Society announces its 2013-2014 season. [Post]

There Are So Many Comics Events Happening in September

It's kind of insane how much comics-related stuff is happening in town this month. Here's a list of what's on when, who's appearing, and where to find it.
September 8-9: Baltimore Comic Con at the Baltimore Convention Center
This year the megaconvention features local cartoonists Matt Dembicki (whose anthology District Comics we feature on our cover this [...]

Arts Roundup: 24 Hour Party People Edition

Garry Winogrand and Roy Lichtenstein retrospectives coming to National Gallery of Art in 2014. [Style Blog]
Georgetown University Professor and Pulitzer Prize jurist Maureen Corrigan is ticked off the annual prize declined to honor a work of fiction this year. [Post]
Lumen8Anacostia, this time in video form [Pink Line]
On D.C., the 24-hour city that wasn't. [Young & [...]

Arts Roundup: Jeopardy! Edition

Jeopardy's "Power Players" taping at DAR Constitution Hall will feature contestants Anderson Cooper, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Lewis Black, Dana Perino, and Robert Gibbs [Post]
Washington Post reporter Elizabeth Flock resigns after lifting a Discovery News report [Romenesko]
Pulitzers to Huffington Post and Politico [DCist]
Kennedy Center prez Michael Kaiser on audience engagement [Huffington Post]

Woolly Mammoth Clybourne Park Wins 2011 Pulitzer Prize for Drama

Who's got two thumbs and can spot a Pulitzer winner a year out?
Aight, I may be exaggerating my prognosticatin' prowess, if not the number and quality of my thumbs. But I was most enthusiastic at this time last year about Woolly's production of Clybourne Park, the sharply observed race-and-gentrification play that today snagged playwright [...]

Our Guide to Arena’s Albee Festival

Depending on which source you believe, Edward Albee was either born in Virgina or in the District. Despite his uncertain provenance and the fact that he was adopted by a family in Westchester County, N.Y. a mere two weeks after his birth, D.C. still claims him as its own. Regardless of the legitimacy of this [...]

Arts Roundup: ‘America!’ Edition

Morning, folks!
Those who've spent substantial portions of their intellectual lives poring over Alexis de Tocqueville—i.e. New York Times columnists, Tea Partiers, and anybody who wishes to reinforce any political argument ever—might benefit from the insights of a new biography, discussing the limits of Tocqueville’s research and what a difficult time he had getting laid in [...]