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“I’m Like the Royal Family, I Do Have Bodily Functions”: A Chat with Public Image Ltd.’s John Lydon

Few names in pop music inspire the kind of polarizing, passionate responses as John Lydon's. He kicked his way into the public consciousness with the Sex Pistols in the '70s: He was featured in the British tabloids as frequently as members of the royal family, angry protesters hung on his every curse word, his words [...]

Festival Watch: Bloc Fest, Chaos in Tejas, Fantasy Coachella

Bloc Festival 2010: Your pals at Festival Watch like to keep you informed about things that don’t happen in this country. Maybe it’s 'cause we’re jealous that we can’t really afford to go to them—and are hoping that we can live vicariously through those of you who can.
Anyway. If there’s ever been a festival that [...]