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DMV Beats: Logic, Sean Born and Dunc, Sheezy Beatz, Lyriciss, Gods’Illa, and Rock Creek Social Club

Logic, On and On
"Bitches they only care 'bout the flow," raps Def Jam MC Logic during the chorus of the harp-accented "Two Kings," a new track featuring Cleveland's King Chip up on Soundcloud. And, really, the song is more about flow than anything else; the only linguistically noteworthy moment might be his use of culero [...]

DMV Beats: Midas and Co., PHZ-Sicks, Doe Cigapom and MOB, Wale

Regal Rap
"Fuck is y'all thinking, focus!" shouts rapper Bear Witnez at the top of "Highlander." "Midas got the oil light blinkin'/Bear the hottest shit smokin'." With that declaration, and Freddie Mercury's unmistakeable voice, Bear opens the stampeding posse cut from Midas' Pop Up compilation. Here, Pro'Verb, 'Folkz, and Lyriciss deliver inspired verses on shoddy competition, [...]

Six Recent DMV Hip-Hop Videos Ranked in Order of Sincerity

1. SmCity featuring Pro'verb, "My Own Boss"
Of all the rap videos that prominently feature Malcolm X imagery, at least 99 percent are sincere.

For Pro’Verb, The Wait is Over

After months of delays, DMV emcee Pro'Verb today released his While You're Waiting... mixtape, his first full-length project since 2008. The tape, a 14-track collection of mostly original work, also finds the young MC flexing his lyrical dexterity on "Exhibit P," a remake of Jay Electronica's monstrous "Exhibit C" from two years ago.
Elsewhere, he and [...]

DMV Filter: Pro’Verb, Javier Starks, Bilal Salaam

The last time we heard from Pro'Verb, he released the autobiographical "Too Hip-Hop," which found the young DMV MC assessing his career path over soothing drums and light strings. On Friday, Pro'Verb dropped off "Write Brothers," the hyperactive new single from his forthcoming While You're Waiting mixtape, scheduled for a Sept. 2 release. The song [...]

J-Scrilla Releases Capitol Punishment

DJ J-Scrilla is no stranger to the mixtape concept, whether he's releasing his own compilations or promoting those from his peers. From the late '90s to the early aughts, Scrilla's tapes paired veteran MCs with lesser-known talent. "I want my tapes to be more like 'digs' for the listener, rather than a rack of joints they [...]

Harmony Muzik’s Concert-as-Networking-Event

Musicians don't see many major-label talent scouts in the DMV. Local stations don't seem to have too much interest in area artists. But there is plenty of great musical talent in D.C., and Harmony Muzik wants the world to know it. "I think we are a model for the independent movement," says the Virginia-based singer. "People need [...]

Pro’Verb Is Too Hip-Hop for Y’all, Maybe

As I type this post, I'm on my sixth straight playback of "Too Hip-Hop," Pro'Verb's autobiographical new single featuring yU of the Diamond District.
Maybe it's the beat—a meditative head-nodder of chopped piano samples and dynamic drums, held together by the persistent hum of gentle strings. You can thank Soulful! for that.
Or maybe it's the confident yet [...]

Local Valentine’s Tunes: Pro’Verb, Travelers of Tyme

Some Valentine's-themed songs from local artists
Travelers of Tyme – "Music for Lovers"

Two of the original members of the sorta-defunct D.C. spazzcore outfit Frodus have an exotica side-project called Travelers of Tyme, which seems to be particularly active as of late: In recent months they've released a handful of topical singles, like the New Year-pegged "Themes From 2011" [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 21

The state of the assemblage is strong: Cultural stuff happens in Washington, people do things to elucidate that stuff, we put some of it in Far Out vs. Hot Dang, and thus your life is infinitely improved. It's OK if the relationship is a bit "host/parasite." We think it tickles.


"I have three hairs on [...]