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ToDo ToDay: “Once There Were Billions,” Guerilla Toss, and White Hinterland

Birds are our unlikely evolutionary connection to the dinosaurs that once ruled our earthly roost. While the great extinctions relegated the lizard kings to bones and oil, they live on in our collective imaginations. But modern avians have closer relatives that don’t get nearly as much attention: other birds who died off in the past [...]

ToDo ToDay: Victoria Fu! The Toasters!

In “Lorem ipsum I” and “Lorem ipsum II,” San Diego-based video artist Victoria Fu documents, in near-silence, a cryptic young woman in a pleasant house and garden whose face is usually tantalizingly out of reach. Some of her box-within-box video tricks are drawn straight from the 24 and CSI: Miami bag of tricks, though the grainy, watery [...]

ToDo ToDay: Pirates! Protein Bar Opens!

If moral ambiguity is the heart of piracy, then perhaps it makes sense that the most interesting person in the new pirate documentary Stolen Seas doesn’t really consider himself a pirate. That would be Ishmael Ali, a Somali guy who found work as a translator for the small boatload of raiders who had captured the Danish-owned [...]