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Watch: Sockets Records, the Documentary

High-school filmmaker Hannah Hoffman (!) made this very astute 30-minute documentary about Sockets Records, some of the groups on the label, and the state of underground rock music in D.C. Lots of footage comes from Sockets' January showcase at the Black Cat. Ian MacKaye, D.C.'s most prolific talking head, appears, as do bands like Deleted [...]

Coming Soon: Protect-U’s “Motorbike” on Planet Mu

More from the department of local names going big places: Local art-electronic duo Protect-U already has one new EP out this month on the U.K.'s Vibrations Records, and coming in May is "Motorbike," a recently announced 12-inch on reputable London label Planet Mu. Kind of a big deal, that: Planet Mu has a solid reputation for [...]

Listen: Protect-U’s “Slow Ultra”

Local electronic duo Protect-U has found an international home for their spacey brand of leftfield house via the U.K. imprint Vibrations Records. The band, which includes the Future Times label's Mike Petillo and former Washington City Paper contributor Aaron Leitko, will release a new four-song EP on the imprint in April.
The EP consists of "four new tracks, some [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Athletic Heroism

Think of the Washington Ballet’s February program as pure hell for the company’s men but a heavenly gift for any D.C. guy in the dog house for botching Valentine’s Day. Lucky be the lady who gets treated to an evening of ballet and Sinatra. Also lucky: local fans of choreographer Twyla Tharp. “Nine Sinatra Songs” [...]

Hume’s “Phasing” Is Pop Concrète

File under evolutionary leaps: Hume—a prog-pop band that this blog has followed very closely—left D.C. last summer for a 100-acre property in Argyle, N.Y. There, the four members played music all day, every day, and otherwise lived communally and "holistically," drummer Wilson Kemp said at the time: "We made great creative strides in a pretty finite [...]

Don’t Be Bored: All-Local Music Edition

In a city that often looks backward musically (we get it, everybody loves Fugazi and The Dismemberment Plan), the Future Times crew is all about pushing things forward. Overseen by Mike Petillo and Andrew Field-Pickering (of the duos Protect-U and Beautiful Swimmers, shown above), the local imprint brings together global psychedelia with warm, throbbing beats [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Burberry-Clad

For a pair of mildly funky dudes, D.C.- and Berlin-based producers Benoit & Sergio have pretty aristocratic taste. In a recent feature for the website Magnetic, the gents behind this year’s fabulous “Principles”/“Everybody” EP take readers on a tour of Washington, keeping a little too close to the Burberry-clad sections of town: To Benoit, Dupont [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Shut Up Little Man!

Describing an event as "pre-Internet" might be obnoxious, but in the case of Matthew Bate's documentary Shut Up Little Man!: An Audio Misadventure, it's a crucial detail. The set up: Two Midwestern guys move to San Francisco in the late 1980s looking for opportunity and adventure. As luck would have it, their fleabag apartment comes [...]

The Going Out (for the Last Time) Guide

Hey everybody! Big news here! The world is going to end on Saturday! Here's the completely unoriginal and not funny yet obligatory R.E.M. reference: I sure do feel fine!
Sooner or later some fringe religious guy is going to be right. It won't be because he (these people are usually male) actually saw the future because [...]

Protect-U in Mathmagic Land

A fews days old, this. But it's a busy production day in the office and we could all use some cosmic grooves. Here's the latest video from D.C. electronic duo Protect-U, and it kind of reminds me of those trippy geometric montages in Donald in Mathmagic Land. The band, full disclosure, features very occasional City Paper contributor [...]