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Hailu Mergia Goes On Tour, Gets Remixed

In the 1970s, keyboard player Hailu Mergia performed in one of Ethiopia's best-known jazz/funk ensembles, Walias Band. But after a tour of the United States, Mergia decided to settle down permanently in the D.C. area in 1981, and he (mostly) left his old band behind. Here, he played with another outfit, Zula Band, with some of his [...]

Listen: New Music From Dolo Percussion, AKA Maxmillion Dunbar

Mt. Pleasant resident and Beautiful Swimmers member Andrew Field-Pickering has chalked up another alias: As Dolo Percussion, the producer and Future Times label co-founder has just released a four-song solo release via New York label L.I.E.S.
As with a lot of the music Field-Pickering generates, the sounds find their way online well before the vinyl is shipped. [...]

ToDo ToDay: Ital, Floor, and the High-Achieving Emanuel Brothers

Ital’s DJ work is good enough not to necessitate any live-show frills, but the man puts on an impressive footwork display. When he performed at DC9 in September, he stomped and slid like an aquaphobe caught in a rainstorm behind his table of gear. His shimmying showed a visible passion far more entertaining than [...]

Label Condition: A Selective Overview of D.C. DIY Labels

D.C. doesn’t make too many waves in mainstream music, but who cares? We’re not lacking for great local music—nor the DIY record labels that support it.
Any rockist outside of town probably associates D.C. with the fabled Dischord label, and hip-hop heads undoubtedly know about Wale’s The Board Administration imprint and Raheem DeVaughn’s 368 Music Group. [...]

City Paper Critics’ Poll: Favorite Moments In Local Music

For the 2012 City Paper Critics' Poll, we asked local critics, bloggers, and fans to tell us about their favorite moments in local music this year. This post has been updated to include input from Reese Higgins and's Metal Chris.
Packed into the Ethiopian joint Asefu’s in July and riled up by an all-too-brief set [...]

City Paper Critics’ Poll: The Best Music of 2012

"They say you got your whole life to make your first album," raps Oddisee at the top of "Ready to Rock," the triumphant, densely collaged opener of People Hear What They See, D.C. music critics' pick for the year's best local album. But for the Sudanese-American producer/MC, it didn't take a lifetime to finally pull [...]

ToDo ToDay: Os Kuduristas, Passing Phases, The Whale, and Nature

Five-piece Angolan dance troupe Os Kuduristas aims to bring kuduro—an electronic genre that melds African polyrhythms with Caribbean soca and four-on-the-floor techno—to the rest of the world. Tonight, after a demonstration and workshop, the Kuduristas take on D.C. hip-hop dance crews Urban Artistry and Lionz of Zionz, with music provided by D.C. DJs Sol Power [...]

Protect-U Robbed In Paris, May Cancel Remaining Europe Tour Dates

D.C. house duo Protect-U was robbed of all its gear at a show in Paris last night. Early this morning, band member (and City Paper contributor) Aaron Leitko posted on Facebook that the band had lost its entire rig, including two laptops, a FireWire box, synthesizers, and effects. Their EuroRail (or Eurail) passes were also stolen.
He [...]

Arts Roundup: Jams Edition

Musician Alex Minoff was destined to play the role of an intense yet helpful bureaucrat, and this video for D.C. Design Week proves it [Twitter]
For your desk jamming today: Protect-U has a new mix [Noise In My Head]
D.C.'s most "swoonworthy" male DJs assemble Spotify playlists for the readers of Refinery 29; jury still out on whether Refinery's demographic [...]

Arts Roundup: Opera Vs. Derecho Edition

Wale and Miguel won a BET Award for best collaboration. [L.A. Times]
Tyler Green chats with "Richard Diebenkorn: The Ocean Park Series" curator Sarah Bancroft. [Modern Art Notes]
Arts Desk contributor Andrew Noz connects the legacy of go-go talker Fat Rodney to Fat Trel. [Red Bull Music Academy]
Arts Desk contributor Lindsay Zoladz decodes the pleasures of "library music"—and talks to D.C. [...]