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Project 4 Gallery Closes on U Street

After eight years, the formidable space at 14th & U will shutter.

Reviewed: Jill Townsley at Project 4

Most artists would cringe at the word “workmanlike” to describe their artistic output, but Jill Townsley embraces it. In an exhibit appropriately titled “TOIL,” Townsley creates her art by painstakingly repeating such humble processes as scribbling. That’s hardly a new notion in art; artists from Cy Twombly to Linn Meyers have tried it. But Townsley [...]

Vitamin A: Foon Sham’s “Aim High” and Vessels at Project 4

Foon Sham's latest exhibition at Project 4 invites viewers to contemplate both his materials and the way his works come together. Abandon the formal qualities of the cones and vessels, and examine how they are constructed—in terms of parts and process. Sawing sections of wood yields sawdust. Sham exhibits both, erecting a boundary of blocks [...]

Vitamin A: Georg Kuettinger’s “Fuenfseenland”

In which one of our art critics highlights a favorite work on view in a local gallery. Click to enlarge!
Like so many photographers today, Georg Kuettinger is concerned not just with portraying reality but with filtering it. This is not a new approach, of course—in photography, it goes back at least to the pictorialists of [...]

Agnes Bolt Occupies Occupy D.C.

Maybe you missed Agnes Bolt's week-long live-in performance project at the home of arts maven Philippa Hughes. And perhaps you skipped "Dealing," the artist's surprising solo show that just closed at Project 4 Gallery and featured artifacts from the Hughes encampment and another of Bolt's impositions on our city's poor art collectors. No matter. You [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: Library of Congress, Agnes Bolt, Othello

John Anderson leads this week's section with a feature about the Library of Congress' duplication services, which are no longer selling darkroom-made prints. Franz Jantzen, a darkroom printer whose freelance work for LoC has now ended, says it's our loss. Kriston Capps reviews Project 4's Agnes Bolt solo show—you'll remember Bolt is the Pittsburgh artist [...]

Now on View: “Adam ‘5100’ Feibelman: Underbelly” at Project 4

The streets and buildings in Adam “5100” Feibelman’s stenciled paintings could be any city, but they seem like stills from a Hollywood set. Not for a sitcom or rom-com or com of any sort—no, these structures belong in thrillers and dramas; their dingy alleyways could be the last thing a victim ever sees. Like the [...]