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Reviewed: “Everyware” at Project 4 Gallery

The three artists featured in Project 4 Gallery’s “Everyware” exhibition operate on the frontiers of digital photography and social media, but their inspiration comes from the past as much as it does from the present and the future.
Aaron Cahill, William Deegan, and Lynette Jackson create “handheld digital art” by manipulating architectural and landscape photography, then [...]

Top 10 Local Photography Exhibits of 2012

Maybe it’s the national malaise, or maybe it’s just coincidence, but many of the finest photographic exhibits in Washington in 2012 have been meditations on loss—the Holocaust, extinct empires, far-away wars, hardscrabble young adulthoods, urban ruins and funerary rites.
Here’s one critic’s choice of the 10 best photographic exhibits of the year. Four of the 10 [...]

Reviewed: “Exchange” at Project 4 Gallery

“Exchange,” assembled at Project 4 by guest curator Sheldon Scott, proceeds on two distinct tracks that can be appreciated either separately or together. On the one hand, the exhibit offers 10 photographs that feature a variety of local D.C. locations and characters; at the same time, it offers an audio commentary, accessible by phone, in [...]

Reviewed: Georg Kuettinger at Project 4 Gallery

Georg Kuettinger’s photographs perch uneasily on the border between reality and fiction. The Munich-based artist’s images—now on display at Project 4 Gallery—are big and bold, with a highly reflective coating and dimensions as wide as 106 inches. He makes them by digitally stitching together and repeating portions of several photographs taken at a single location, [...]

Roadmap for 2029: Philip Barlow’s Actuarial Report on Artist Agnes Bolt

My favorite piece in Agnes Bolt's solo show at Project 4 is "Expertise," a collaborative exercise with Philip Barlow, a longtime D.C. art collector. In advance of her show, Bolt invited Barlow to get down in the trenches with her, challenging one another in a week-long game of performance art dares. The exhibit features all [...]

Gallery Roundup: Openings, Closings, Reviews of Hamiltonian Gallery and the IDB Cultural Center

"El Dormitorio" by Eric Scibor-Rylski from "Mexico 2010" at the IDB Cultural Center.
OPENING: "Peep and Strip Show" opens today at the Art League; work by Freya Grand opens tomorrow at Gallery Neptune; "The Fantastical" opens Saturday at Project 4 Gallery.
CLOSING: Work by Margo Humphrey closes tomorrow at the Driskell Center at University of Maryland; work [...]