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Don’t Be Bored: The Easy Way or the Hard Way

Shiny entertainment or challenging experimentalism: Tonight's live music options give us the whole spectrum. If you're the kind of person who sips straight Campari and likes your bedtime reading Slavic and turn-of-the-century, try out Sonic Circuits' program tonight at Pyramid Atlantic. Prefer to tap the Rockies? Like your flakes frosted, your reading glossy? Form a [...]

Prog-Rock Doc Romantic Warriors Gets (What Else?) Obscure

Progressive rock has been a niche genre since it largely receded from public consciousness in the late 1970s. Like any niche, it has a small base of insanely dedicated fans, and Romantic Warriors, a documentary airing in the D.C. area several times over the next few days, is a paean to those devotees.
It's easy [...]

Experimental and Prog Night at Paper Sun: Hume, Ami Dang, Wumme

"There are so many people doing and making interesting things," the artist and musician April Camlin told the Baltimore fashion blog Ms. Charm Chic earlier this year—but she might as well have been talking about her music. "The pieces they are making are fleeting and underappreciated, but are still out there in the universe. [...]

Thomas Erik’s Melancholy

I listened to the five tracks that comprise Phantom on the Horizon over 40 times (some tracks more than others) during the process of reviewing the Fall of Troy's new album for the dead-tree version of City Paper. As a result, I can sort of hum at least one guitar riff, which you can listen [...]