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Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 35

All the heathens on the left* say "Far Out!" All the heathens on the right* say "Hot Dang!" That's right, kids, Far Out vs. Hot Dang will definitely get left behind, because somebody has to collect all this stuff each week, right?

*These are not political designations. We kinda just divided the room in half. [...]

Avant-Gored: The Ballad of The Muffins and D.C.’s Experimental Scene, Before and After Punk Killed Them

The Muffins in Rockville in 1979
It’s a somewhat ludicrous thing to say about an event that spotlights so many alienating artists, but in its 10th year, the Sonic Circuits Festival of Experimental Music feels, well, kind of big.
This year there are veteran prog and avant-rock draws, like Magma and Univers Zero, and the noise and [...]

Photos: Zevious @ Orion Sound Studios

Zevious and Seabrook Power Plant were a perfect pair at Baltimore's Orion Sound Studios on Saturday night, each bringing a viciously complex brand of mathy rock to the table. Zevious' compositions stood out, building enormous tension and proving to be much more than just an exercise in counting out weird rhythms. Seabrook Power Plant was [...]

This Week’s Greatest Hits on Arts Desk: Literary Prog, Fan Death’s Snobs, Polls

What does Fan Death think about prog rock? What does Fan Death think about door polling? And what does Fan Death think about ELO? We don't know, but we bet that if we wrote about it, it'd get some serious hits.

D.C. Punk Vets Record Prog-Rock Song to Promote Novel
Snobpocalypse! Fan Death Unleashes Storm of Criticism, [...]

This Week’s Greatest Hits on Arts Desk: Selling Novels with Prog, Salinger’s Portrait, Fan Death

This week ended with snow, but it also ended with PROG—in the form of “Song of the Great Kataklysm,” which author Jeffrey Rotter recorded with a number of D.C. punk-rock vets to promote his recent novel. We also looked at an eerie J.D. Salinger portrait, and people remained upset about Fan Death. But their ire's [...]

BLK JKS Prog Fest @ Black Cat Tuesday

Much of the BLK JKS's press to date invokes afro-beat tinged comparisons to TV on the Radio, Bad Brains and Living Colour, though guitarist Mpumi Mcata brushes off the comparison game by encouraging "the reader to seek out and envision" rather than relying on, you know, critics.
The four-man group has erupted from South Africa as [...]

Three Chances to See Mexico’s Cabezas de Cera

Fresh off a well-reviewed performance at NEARfest, the most prestigious progressive rock festival in the United States (don't laugh), Mexican instrumental trio Cabezas de Cera are playing two dates this week in D.C. plus one in Baltimore. Cabezas de Cera aren't your typical bombastic prog band; rather, they combine folk, prog, free improv and a [...]

Cuneiform Announces May Releases

A new batch of good shit from Cuneiform Records only comes three times a year, so each time is worth noting. May will see Cuneiform put out:

Led Bib – Sensible Shoes
Miriodor – Avant!
The Ed Palermo Big Band – Eddy Loves Frank
Positive Catastrophe – Garabatos Volume One
Upsilon Acrux – Radian Futura

Let's see. This is all potentially [...]

Thomas Erik’s Melancholy

I listened to the five tracks that comprise Phantom on the Horizon over 40 times (some tracks more than others) during the process of reviewing the Fall of Troy's new album for the dead-tree version of City Paper. As a result, I can sort of hum at least one guitar riff, which you can listen [...]