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Singer Priska Neely Does Date Lab, Isn’t Traumatized (!)

Last month, Arts Desk talked to D.C.-based singer/songwriter Priska Neely, the BloomBars regular and honey-mustard maven whose “Ode to Condiments” music video was crafted in the dramatic style of Mary J. Blige.
But over the weekend, Neely was under the spotlight for other reasons: She was out on a very public blind date, as one of [...]

A Chat With Singer, Songwriter, and Condiment Fan Priska Neely

If you had been wandering around Mount Pleasant in early July, you might have stumbled upon Back Porch Sundays, a neighborhood event where for $10, you would have gotten to hear the charismatic singing of Priska Neely, a 24-year-old Silver Spring native whose tender voice, simple guitar strumming, witty lyrics, and silly vocal sound effects [...]