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Bustin’ Ground: Chuck Brown Park vs. Other Musical Memorials

Chuck Brown’s already gotten a street dedicated to his memory (the 1900 block of 7th Street NW) and soon, another physical landmark will bear his name: Chuck Brown Park formally opens on Aug. 22 at 11 a.m. How does it compare to other public spaces built in honor of local music icons? Check out our [...]

One Track Mind: Canine Teeth’s “Shape Up”

Standout Track: No. 2, “Shape Up,” Canine Teeth's brief, dark exploration of a romantic relationship at a turning point. A twinge of insanity is audible in the first half of the song, which fits spoken-sung vocals into echoes of Massive Attack’s brooding trip-hop template. The second leg erupts into distortion, frying R&B-flavored lines like “I’m [...]

As the Potter’s House Mural Faces Destruction, Fears of Gentrification Emerge

Karla “Karlisima” Rodas-Israel can’t walk three steps down Columbia Road NW without a wave and a “Hello!” or a “¿Cómo estás?” from a passerby. The artist, who claims the Mama Ayesha’s presidents mural among her body of work, has lived in the neighborhood for 18 years. She knows the stoop-sitters, the bodega cashiers, the fast-walking [...]

One Track Mind: Me and Karen’s “Pink Guilt”

Standout Track: No. 4, “Pink Guilt,” a textured mix of throbbing synths and spiky guitar riffs from U Street/Petworth-based electronic duo Me and Karen’s debut EP by the same name. The pair—Michael Bartlett and Karen Foote—began collaborating a decade ago while attending the University of Mary Washington, but they didn’t broadcast their layered electro-pop until [...]

One Track Mind: Seán Barna’s “Come at Me Gently”

Standout Track: No. 2, “Come at Me Gently,” from Petworth singer/songwriter Seán Barna’s upcoming EP, Cutter Street. It’s his first release as a solo artist after drumming stints in a handful of bands (including D.C.’s the Droids We’re Looking For) and the national Broadway tour of The Producers. A strummy ode of love and loss—plus [...]

Piece of Work: Billy Friebele’s “U Street Chromatic (for Duke)”

Standout Piece: Billy Friebele’s “U Street Chromatic (for Duke),” a machine and mapping project mildly packaged as a U Street identity piece, contrasting Duke Ellington’s heyday with today. Friebele has created a drum kit that resembles a crude first draft of Short Circuit’s Johnny 5. Mounted on a hacked shopping cart, Friebele has assembled a [...]

How Did D.C.’s DIY Venues Get Their Weird (and Awesome) Names?

The couch is pushed aside. The lights are strung up. The cat’s locked upstairs. The ottoman becomes a merch table. And, voila: An ordinary rowhouse has become a concert space.
But when a DIY venue doubles as a living room or a basement, as so many do, it needs a moniker to set it apart from [...]

One Track Mind: The Far EXP, “For You/Love It”

Standout Track: No. 11, “For You/Love It,” a thematic two-part posse cut from D.C. rap collective the Far EXP’s new album, The Expansion. On the first half, using a folksy instrumental from Kev Brown, the track’s producer, the crew members ponder their reasons for rhyming. Local moombahton pioneer Dave Nada gets a shoutout, and rapper [...]

Betsy Greer’s Craftivism Trades Picket Signs for Knitting Needles

Betsy Greer believes in activism so quiet you can hear a pin drop. Or a glue stick. Or a knitting needle. Or a ball of yarn, for that matter.
The 38-year-old Arlington resident is the mother of craftivism, a word she coined to signify the grassroots movement that eschews megaphones for quilting, yarn-bombing, sewing, and the like.
“I [...]

Pride or Die: Find Your Perfect Pride Event With Our Flowchart

I hope you’ve been training.
Pride Weekend, the toughest endurance test of the gay calendar year, has officially begun. With any luck, by Monday, you’ll have danced until your stilettos snapped, scream-sung your throat sore, and sweated out every vodka soda you’ve downed in the past month.
But it’s only one weekend, and there’s a limit to [...]