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One Track Mind: Letitia VanSant and the Bonafides’ “Step in Line”

"Our lives and communities are meant to be more than parts and labor to the machine of our economy."

New Documentary Probes the Failings of a Southeast Scholarship Program

In 1988, a local hotel magnate promised scholarships to 67 kids. Most never graduated from college.

One Track Mind: Harness Flux’s “Slide to Unlock”

Ringing guitar and simple percussion is reminiscent of early Sonic Youth.

A Decade of Local Indie Comics from DC Conspiracy

Magic Bullet publishes some of the city's best illustrators and cartoonists.

One Track Mind: Kenn Starr’s Marvin Gaye-Inspired “Farewell”

"It’s probably the most transparent record I’ve done, period.”

Chocolate City Gets a New Home in Holly Bass’ “Black Space”

Visit a tiny house shaped like D.C. in the lobby of MLK Library

At txt, Tweets from the Audience Become the Show

With an anonymous Twitter account and a willing actor, what would you say?

One Track Mind: Phantomweight’s “Talk Me Down”

"I had a kid, our bass player got married, our drummer left to pursue another project and then returned, our trombonist started grad school, and we added a sax player."

One Track Mind: Atlas At Last’s “Compassion”

Standout Track: No. 3, the slow-crawling “Compassion” from Atlas At Last’s new A Composition Of Functions EP. The College Park hardcore three-piece's music may dwell in aggressive, sludgy places, but “Compassion” is built around a series of gorgeous, stripped-down melodic passages that inject the track with a sense of bleeding-heart urgency. “And do you remember the [...]

One Track Mind: Sun Machines’ “Arms and Legs”

"Arms and legs/Wrapped around my foolish head"