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Hailu Mergia Goes On Tour, Gets Remixed

In the 1970s, keyboard player Hailu Mergia performed in one of Ethiopia's best-known jazz/funk ensembles, Walias Band. But after a tour of the United States, Mergia decided to settle down permanently in the D.C. area in 1981, and he (mostly) left his old band behind. Here, he played with another outfit, Zula Band, with some of his [...]

Leak Proof: Elvis Costello, Lindstrom + Prins Thomas, Animal Collective, The Dead Weather

Elvis Costello: "The Crooked Line"
It's hard to tell what's more shocking here: the twangy vibe, or the fact that Elvis Costello is singing about love without sounding poisonous and bitter. "The Crooked Line," snatched from his upcoming record Secret, Profane, & Sucarcane, finds Costello going full-on country for the first time since King of America [...]