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ToDo ToDay: Prince Rama, Wolf Gang, and Fried Oysters

Pair your rock 'n' roll with pizza or fried oysters tonight.

ToDo ToDay: Smoke Fairies, Charlie Murphy, and Priests

Learn something from your fellow D.C. residents this weekend.

ToDo ToDay: Super Art Fight! Hem! Craigslist Theater!

Drawing all over your middle school notebooks was one way to look productive while avoiding learning the quadratic formula. Super Art Fight, pegged as “the greatest live art competition in the known universe,” continues that proud tradition. With only a few pens at their disposal, two artists stand before a blank canvas and draw whatever [...]

ToDo ToDay: Prince Rama! Astro Doughnuts! Cumbia Jams!

On Top Ten Hits of the End of the World, the new album from moon-gazing Brooklyn synth duo Prince Rama, musical dress-up is the main course. On it, 10 imaginary bands—casualties of the apocalypse—are summoned back to play their hits. I.M.M.O.R.T.A.L.I.F.E. does an exuberant New Order pastiche with “Those Who Live for Love Will Live [...]

How Prince Rama Made Its Avant-Garde Workout Jam

If it’s possible for the already out-there Prince Rama to take a left turn, the Brooklyn psychedelic outfit has managed it with Utopia = No Person. While the group is known for its Sanskrit vocals and tribal drum patterns, its new EP—out on Not Not Fun Records—includes dabbles in something even more alien to art poppers: exercise. [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Cold Swedish Winter

Dreamy Swedish duo Korallreven doesn’t want to bum you out like fellow Swedes jj. Nor do they want to freak you out like The Knife. Korallreven is more concerned with layered dance-pop that soothes as it moves. On its debut LP, An Album by Korallreven, the act specializes in the blissful, carefree sounds of summer, with [...]