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Watch: Wale Opens State of the Union Address, Maybe Announces New Album

And became the first rapper to open a State of the Union address.

“America Is Getting a Huge Civics Lesson”: Talking “Capitalism” with Henry Rollins

Renaissance man Henry Rollins is a musician, author, actor, and TV and radio host, but his first, best destiny is as a stage storyteller, a calling he's followed for nearly three decades. Like everything else in America, his two-to-three-hour monologues have become increasingly political since the presidency of George W. Bush. As he did in [...]

Obama Returns to Comic Books, Tasks Veronica with Powering Economy

President Barack Obama was last year's hottest comic-book guest star, appearing in Amazing Spider-Man, Savage Dragon, Youngblood, and Bomb Queen as well as biographical comics from Bluewater, and Barack the Barbarian. This year? You can find the hardcover collection of the Spider-Man issues for as low as $3 at some conventions, which is $1 less [...]

The Quotable Jules Feiffer: Highlights from the Cartoonist’s Talk at Politics and Prose

Jules Feiffer spoke to a full, mostly gray-haired audience yesterday at Politics and Prose, after appearing on "The Diane Rehm Show" earlier in the day.  He read from his Backing into Forward, his new autobiography (pages 80-84, to be precise, and you can buy a CD recording from the bookstore if you want to hear [...]