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This Week in WCP Arts: “Color-Conscious” Casting, Harry Potter, and Painted Face

Erin Petty leads off the arts section this week with a look at recent D.C. plays that have subverted audiences' expectations via the race of their principal actors. She asks: Is this stunt-casting, or, to use the theater world's term, merely "nontraditional?" Christina Lee talks to until-recently-local author Doreen Baingana about a travelogue she's currently [...]

Fall Arts Guide Preview: Our Critics’ Picks!

We've left a present for you inside tomorrow's Washington City Paper. No, no, get your mind out of the gutter. Folded inside our dead-tree edition, you'll find this year's beautifully illustrated State of the Arts guide, containing a hefty 72 pages of arts listings, and our picks for the best events this fall. What'd we [...]