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The Pragmatist: Three Songs for Making Moves

Maybe you've been seeing this guy for a while now, and you're ready to go to the next level. Perhaps your beautiful, young wife has been away for work, and upon her return, it's time for an altogether different business. Hell, maybe it's your 60th anniversary and you're ready to get seriously freaky. Whatever the [...]

The Pragmatist: Three Songs to Soundtrack Your John Hughes-Inspired Teen Drama

The man was a cinematic god in the realm of pop culture if not beyond. You got through high school watching The Breakfast Club, you got through puberty watching Weird Science, and you survived countless home invasions through the tricks you learned in Home Alone. Your new teen drama will be the ultimate tribute to [...]

The Pragmatist: Three Songs For Getting Stoned And Making Zines

Check out the sweaters on sale at Macy's—the '90s are in. The entire winter wardrobe at most department stores looks like an unintentional tribute to Kurt Cobain lately. It's time for flannel, Matador LPs, Reality Bites on VHS, and most importantly, smoking a joint while putting together a zine. Rad self-made chapbooks have been lost [...]

The Pragmatist: Three Songs to Help You Through Your Midlife Crisis

Oh my God, it happened. All those years of claiming you'd stay young till you died, and now you're crunching numbers 40 hours a week, paying a very reasonable mortgage, and saving for your kid's college fund. Is that really a plasma screen in your living room, next to the complete collection of Sex and [...]

The Pragmatist: Three Songs To Overcompensate For Your Katy Perry Addiction

Yes, "Teenage Dream" is a damn catchy song. The vocal triplets in the bubblegum chorus take you back to your uninhibited youth and instantly remind you of less-jaded years. You heard it for the first time in your girlfriend's car a while back, and it was stuck in your head for weeks. Naturally, you later [...]

The Pragmatist: Three Songs for the Last Dance in Your Once-Magnificent Ballroom

Ah, what times you had. Such grandeur, such elegance. In the early days, you hosted the most extravagant and scandalous parties—a handful of celebrities conceived their illegitimate children here, and a few others met their eventual spouses. Fine libations flowed like the Rhine, and they say Jean Renoir once stopped by just to taste your [...]

The Pragmatist, Thanksgiving Edition: Three Songs for Fighting the Tryptophan

After stuffing your sweaty face with succulent turkey legs and rich, dark gravy for hours, and after gorging yourself on pumpkin pies slathered in whipped cream drizzled with chocolate sauce, eventually you'll start to feel the fatigue set in. The tryptophan will take effect and your stomach, weighed down with the calorie-rich dishes concocted by [...]

The Pragmatist: Three Songs for Putting on Your Autumn Sweater

As the leaves change their hue, the inevitable moment arrives when you slip on a fuzzy knit sweater to better bear the brisk weather sliding into summer's absence. It's a strangely pleasant time of year, but it somehow feels warmer when pitted snugly against a song acknowledging the coming chill. An autumn track ought to [...]

The Pragmatist: Three Songs for Soundtracking an Academic Montage

For mortals, there is no fun, exciting way to successfully speed up an intense study session.  It's arduous: reading so many pages, taking notes, memorizing important information, working through difficult new concepts. Of course, in the soft focus of the cinematic lens, we have the ever-helpful montage to help our hero blaze through hours upon [...]

The Pragmatist: Three Songs for Hating Hegemony

The struggle began long before James Brown claimed it's a man's (man's man's) world, and the push for equality ain't over yet. For the women who get paid less than their male counterparts and for the girls who feel subjugated to the desires of the other gender, it gets frustrating, damn it. Punk rock made [...]