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Photos: Priests at the Wilson Center

Positive Force Benefit for the Washington Peace Center, 3047 15th St NW, March 8th.

Does D.C. Really Need Two More Punk Retrospectives?

Backwards-looking sentimentality is anti-punk as anything.

ToDo ToDay: Benoit & Sergio! Todd Glass! Chelsea Wolfe!

Don’t hate Benoit & Sergio for making it look so easy: The two house-music makers radiate the kind of leisurely, I’m-on-a-boat, what-of-it? chill-bro ennui that might make working-class house practitioners tear off in search of even the lowest quality Trax Records 12-inch. But queue up Benoit & Sergio’s two fabulous recent EPs, A Bridge So [...]

Photos: Scream @ St. Stephen’s Church

Thanks to Bailey's Crossroads hardcore legends Scream, I went to punk-rock church Saturday evening. The band, on a bill that included Beasts of No Nation, Mobius Strip, and Outlook, closed out a Positive Force benefit for DC Jobs with Justice at St. Stephen's Church. Scream's set was a mix of old and new—with the latter coming from [...]

ToDo ToDay: Happy Birthday, Maracuyeah D.C.!

It feels like DJ collective Maracuyeah D.C. has been around a lot longer for a year. But maybe it's just that DJs rAt, Bent, and Mafe know how to throw a memorable party. After roughly 365 days of bumping all hybrids of tropical bass in small rooms 'round town, Maracuyeah is celebrating its first anniversary [...]

Scream’s Franz Stahl on Being a Teamster, Reconciling With Dave Grohl, and Playing Hardcore Fests Again

D.C. hardcore legends Scream are not the first band to do the punk reunion thing, and won't be the last. But they're doing it in earnest—or at least, as earnestly as adult life permits. Longtime Scream guitarist (and former Foo Fighter) Franz Stahl spoke with Arts Desk by phone from L.A. before flying out for [...]

Why Slate Is Wrong About D.C.

On Wednesday, Slate published a piece by Matthew Yglesias about why D.C. is, essentially, a terrible place for young, creative people to live.
The article has since flown about social media, causing many a sad emoticon and, apparently, excessive vomiting. The jab is all the more painful because there is some truth to it–D.C. is [...]

Fund the Positive Force Documentary, Get a House Show

Positive Force, the D.C.-based punk activist collective, needs your help. No, they're not collecting cans or gathering volunteers or collecting funds for a worthy charity this time. A Kickstarter campaign is raising money to complete a Positive Force documentary.
The film, "Positive Force: More Than a Witness," is directed by D.C. multimedia artist Robin Bell, and covers the [...]

Zach Barocas’ Bells≥ Makes Its D.C. Debut

Bells≥ is not what you think. Headed up by drummer Zach Barocas, who spent the mid-'90s holding Jawbox together with a peculiar style and intimidating precision, the quartet plays extended, intricate instrumental jams. Bells≥ also features Adam Riser, formerly the bassist of Oxford Collapse, and zero vocalists. The expansive songs on the band's self-released EP, There Are Crashes, [...]

The Reliable Force: Following Tumult, Positive Force Finds Stability in Its New Home

Not surprisingly, Mark Andersen’s office contains one wall covered in band fliers. They bear familiar names—Fugazi, Velocity Girl, Sonic Youth—and familiar imagery—raised fists and mohawks and lightning bolts striking the Capitol dome.
But there is one unexpected thing about them: Carefully gridded at the insistence of Andersen’s wife, they’re probably the least chaotic assemblage of punk-show [...]