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Wugazi Speaks!

We've been curious about Wugazi since the project dropped its first mash-up on SoundCloud a couple of weeks ago. At first, "Sleep Rules Everything Around Me" didn't offer with much information about the artists behind the song—though it was clear that 1) they love Fugazi and Wu-Tang Clan; and 2) that they've got an ear [...]

Leak Proof: P.O.S., PJ Harvey

P.O.S.: "Why Go Home"
After Limp Bizkit, everybody can pretty much agree that the grunge-rap hybrid thing didn't work out too well. But if you flip that formula around—if you go rap-grunge—the results aren't all that bad. Or at least that's how it seems on P.O.S.'s cover of Pearl Jam's "Why Go." The Minneapolis-based rapper even [...]

Tuesday Rock City: Aethenor, P.O.S., Zombi

P.O.S.: Never Better (Rhymesayers)
The rapper P.O.S claims to have written the vast majority of Never Better while riding in a moving vehicle. Other than the fact that this probably made it really hard to transcribe the notes he scribbled in the old Mead, it's unclear how this affected Never Better. Besides, it's really the [...]