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Eli Janney Drafted for Seth Meyers’ Late Night Band

Girls Against Boys member, studio engineer, and D.C. native Eli Janney has joined the house band for Seth Meyers' new late-night talk show. Janney will play keyboards in the group led by Portlandia co-creator and SNL vet Fred Armisen.
Meyers tweeted a photo of the new ensemble—called the 8G Band With Fred Armisen—yesterday afternoon. Also joining the [...]

Arts Roundup: Naked Girls Ejected Edition

Naked Girls Reading booted from Little Miss Whiskey's. [DCist]
Economist/Baltimore Sun cartoonist Kal raises more than $90,000 on Kickstarter for a coffee-table retrospective of his work. [Post]
Is Washington drama House of Cards actually successful? [Huffington Post D.C.]
Portlandia makes fun of a guy who quits his job to pursue furniture making, and the character might be based [...]

The Best D.C. Pandering at Tuesday’s Portlandia Show

It seems the stars of Portlandia have found the key to D.C.'s eternal love: validation.
That D.C. name-dropping episode got us so hot and bothered, Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein are just rollin' with it. Plus: What's one way to save a lackluster variety show? Talk about what town you're in!
At Tuesday's late show at the [...]

Portlandia: “Do You Know Ian?”

Friday's episode of Portlandia on IFC had no shortage of indie-rock cameos: Modest Mouse's Isaac Brock attempted to donate some bad records to an elite preschool (Talk Talk, Temple of the Dog); Annie Clark, aka St. Vincent, did a runway walk in a proposed new cyperpunk uniform for the Portland Police Department.
The comedic duo of Carrie [...]

An Interview With Fred Armisen

A true Renaissance man, writer and comedian Fred Armisen did not get his start in the comedy circuit. After dropping out of NYC's School of Visual Arts, Armisen's first major artistic impact came from behind a drum kit. His tenure in the Chicago post-punk outfit Trenchmouth lasted through the early '90s until he went on [...]