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Dismemberment Plan’s Travis Morrison Has a New Band, and It’s Playing a D.C. DIY Show

How weirdly rewarding has this year been for Dismemberment Plan fans? The once-defunct-now-reformed indie-rockers continued their 2011 reunion, unveiling new material and making progress on recording a new album, their first since 2001's Change. And in the spring, fledgling local label Bad Friend Records released a 7-inch of previously unreleased songs by frontman Travis Morrison's [...]

Ryan Little’s 10 Best Local Tracks of 2011

I didn't realize how great a year it's been for music in D.C. until I started compiling this list. While I didn't hear many landmark, career-defining albums in 2011, there were a ton of great songs from both young and veteran artists. Whatever D.C.'s reputation, there's a healthy community of smart, ambitious musicmakers in this [...]

Poor But Sexy Is Part of Our Plot to Meddle With Rappers

"Cherry Delicious" by Poor But Sexy
We're always lookin' for ways to help Wale get his karma straight, because The Man From Waldorf should not be expected to handle it all himself. Shit's too complicated these days. Here's how he can shake the lingering weirdness of getting his big break from a British R&B outsider: He [...]

Photos: The Dismemberment Plan, Poor But Sexy, and Batala @ 9:30 Club

It's probably a safe bet that you or someone you know went to see The Dismemberment Plan this weekend. At Saturday's show at the 9:30 Club, you could overhear plenty of conversations from fans who'd traveled from out of town to see the reunited band. It's unclear exactly how many fans made it on stage [...]

A Guide to The Dismemberment Plan’s Opening Acts

Everyone have their tickets? The big weekend is nigh.
Back in the fall The Dismemberment Plan announced the opening acts for its three shows in Washington this weekend. And if you're wondering who will be warming Black Cat and 9:30 Club audiences ahead of the main sets, don't worry, Arts Desk has you covered.
Friday, Jan. 21, Black [...]

The Pragmatist: Three Songs for Making Moves

Maybe you've been seeing this guy for a while now, and you're ready to go to the next level. Perhaps your beautiful, young wife has been away for work, and upon her return, it's time for an altogether different business. Hell, maybe it's your 60th anniversary and you're ready to get seriously freaky. Whatever the [...]

Dismemberment Plan Announces Opening Acts

Dismemberment Plan announced the opening acts for the three D.C. shows kicking off its reunion mini-tour next January in support of the reissue of 1999's Emergency & I. The opening-night show on Jan. 21 at The Black Cat will be led off by Tereu Tereu, the noisy pop band fronted by City Paper contributor Ryan Little, [...]

Still Poor, Still Sexy: New Single from PBS

Local funk-inflected ass-movers Poor But Sexy are still putting out. The unusually soulful assemblage of white boys keeps writing lascivious lyrics, and this new offering is no exception. The less-than-subtle innuendo on "Cherry Delicious" is backed up by what sounds like Prince's Revolution as fronted by Daryl Hall. On the chorus, David Brown's lead vocals are [...]

Fort Reno 2010 Summer Lineup Announced

As promised, we've got this summer's slate below. (Lineup broke today.) Check back for superior analysis from J.L. Fischer and others.
Monday, June 28th
The Public Good, America Hearts, Tiny Bombs
Thursday, July 1st
Sleeper Agent, Gangland Buries Its Own, The Black Sparks
Monday, July 5th
The Cheniers, Dynamite Fishermen

Travis Morrison Hellfighters Post New Mp3s

After nearly a year of silence, Travis Morrison Hellfighters are back, finally, and will be performing this weekend as part of Black Cat's Second Saturdays concert series. And they won't just be playing the "hits", either. The Hellfighter's Myspace page has been updated with two brand new songs, "Henrietta" and "Cruisin' All Night Long." It's [...]