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DC Jazz Festival: Pancho Sanchez’s Mambo de la Mediocre

Jazz, the writer Whitney Balliett said, is "the sound of surprise." Obviously that goes for Latin jazz too. But for all my comments yesterday about Poncho Sanchez's bending the idea of "straightforward," his set at the Hamilton was nothing if not straightforward. To a fault, in fact. If jazz sounds like surprise, the only thing [...]

DC Jazz Festival: What to See Tonight

The name seems fairly straightforward: The Poncho Sanchez Latin Jazz Band. But what the conga player and bandleader really does is take Latin jazz and pour hot sauce all over it. That's to say that there's as much spicy, gritty soul jazz in Sanchez's music as there is Afro-Cuban music; how else do you get [...]

DC Jazz Festival: Latin Jazz at Carter-Barron

When you say "Latin jazz," chances are your words are interpreted pretty narrowly—screaming salsafied horns, fast dance beats, crooning Spanish vocals. But that’s as silly as assuming all Latin American countries are identical. Latin jazz is a big tent with styles spun off any number of traditions from several nations, and the combinations and possibilities [...]