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Young Poets Confront Racism, Homophobia, and Teen Pregnancy on D.C. Slam Team

"You see there ain't nothing worse than being a statistic—than having someone turn up their nose at you when they don't even know my story.”

Local Poet Carolyn Forché on Why American Poetry Still Matters and How 9/11 Changed It

Think all the best poems were written in tranquility? Many were written days before the poet's execution.

Arts Roundup: Pipe Down, Grandpa! Edition

Old people be talkin' during movies. In a crazy ironic twist, they're also the first to shush you in the library. John Kelly should write a column about that, too. [Post]
This forthcoming animal art in Capitol Hill had better be damn cute. [DCist]
Billy Joel is overwhelmed by the Kennedy Center Honors. Overwhelmed! [Los Angeles Times]
Let D.C. [...]

Arts Roundup: Poetry Sucks Edition

Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company buys its downtown venue at a possibly very plum price. [Post]
In its final show, Parish Gallery pays tribute to its founder, Norman Parish, who's ailing from a brain tumor. [Post]
For Arlington taxpayers, libraries are a much better deal than Artisphere. [ARLnow]
Modern poetry, you suck a big one. Signed, this University of [...]

Arts Roundup: Lip-Synched Edition

The U.S. Marine Band says Beyoncé lip-synched the National Anthem at Monday's inauguration, and the backpedaling begins! [WJLA]
In a blog post that declares poetry dead, Post humor blogger Alexandra Petri manages to enrage poets and mailmen alike: "Poets are like the Postal Service—a group of people sedulously doing something that we no longer need, under [...]

Arts Roundup: Local Celebrity Edition

Young Jeezy shouldn't hold his breath waiting for an invitation to the White House. [Post]
A critique of the new Hewlett Packard-designed social-media exhibit at the Newseum [DCist]
"Make It Mount Pleasant," a neighborhood craft fair, needs vendors. [The 42]
Phil Kennicott reviews the National Building Museum's new five-year exhibit "House & Home." [Post]
Veep gets a second season [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Lincoln Stomped on the Constitution? Oh Well!

Among other reasons Ron Paul would make an unlikely standard-bearer for the Republican Party is the fact that he, apparently, doesn’t think much of his party’s sainted first president. Paul famously accused Abraham Lincoln of waging a “senseless” war and ruling with an “iron fist.” Coming from a guy whose eponymous newsletters spent chunks of [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Henry Louis Gates’ 512-Page Book

Henry Louis Gates’ Life Upon These Shores: Looking at African American History, 1513-2008 spans nearly 500 years in as many pages. So, it’s understandable if reading about the Middle Passage, post-Civil War Reconstruction, and the Rodney King riots might get exhausting. There’s also the fact that Gates wrote his tome free of any centralized argument. [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Mark Kraushaar, Chad Harbach

The biographical note in Mark Kraushaar’s new Anthony Hecht Poetry Prize-winning poetry collection, The Uncertainty Principle, explains that he’s worked as a cabbie, welder, and nurse. In keeping with those working-class bona fides, the D.C. native’s poems tend to evoke down-to-earth life in down-to-earth language. “Fit Club Family Plan” opens with the line, “If that fat [...]

Arts Roundup: Steve Jobs Edition (Or Not)

Poetry No Longer in Motion: TBD's Jenny Rogers talks to area poets about Pretty Face, a local poet and noted performer who's going on hiatus for a while. After 15 years performing at venues around town, the 45-year-old artist has decided to focus on his literary career and invest more time in his band, Sexy [...]