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ToDo ToDay: Richard III, The Adventures of Alvin Sputnick, and Drowners

Freezing temperatures and brutal winds are no comparison to the suffering inflicted by the title character in Shakespeare’s Richard III. The tale of the maniacal hunchback’s fall from grace has returned to the Folger Theatre. But now audiences can see the death and destruction from all angles: The theater has gone in-the-round. Drew Cortese (recently in [...]

ToDo ToDay: “Real Pirates” and Grandmaster Flash

Who hasn’t dreamed of being a Goonie and spending a whole day exploring One-Eyed Willie’s ship? In 1984, Barry Clifford got to be that guy. A new exhibition at National Geographic, "Real Pirates," explores Clifford’s discovery of a three-masted, 300-ton former slave ship called the Whydah. Nearly three centuries later after it first sailed, the [...]