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Philippa Hughes Has Had Enough

The subject of last week's cover story could be excused for figuring that the worst was behind her. But today, as D.C. hostess Philippa Hughes was making her way to a meeting, a man attempted to mug her at 13th and Q streets NW.
"I'm got some scratches and I'm a little shaken up but look [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: Philippa Hughes, Q and Not U, Henry VIII

On the cover of this week's dead-tree City Paper, Kriston Capps profiles Philippa Hughes, art-scene doyenne who runs the Pink Line Project and organizes its massive parties. I wrote a bridge-burning sidebar to the story, in which I argue that said parties are kind of, well, boring.
Ryan Little leads the arts section with a look [...]

The Phillips Collection Pays Tribute to Snowpocalypse (and You Can, Too!)

Yes, it's bloody hot out right now and we're all reminded daily that our first president chose to build our capital on a swamp, but do you remember the Snowpocalypse? Unless you blacked out for a month or happened to be vacationing off on the pink sand beaches of Barbuda, you remember Snowpocalypse all too [...]

Photos: Inciting Art-Gallery Dance Parties with Jeffry Cudlin

People will react to a man in a pink dress carrying a boombox down 14th Street NW in three ways. Some will pretend it’s something they’re used to seeing. Others will laugh. But most will just smile nervously, as if they suspect they’re being surveilled.
“There’s something liberating about making art that at the end of [...]