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D.C.’s Year in Art Galleries: Woof

The news that Civilian Art Projects is closing its 7th Street NW gallery space caps off a year of many memorable exhibits—and too many art galleries passing into memory.
While Civilian director Jayme McLellan is taking her situation in stride, planning a 2014 full of pop-up shows and house salons, hers is not the only gallery [...]

After a Breast Cancer Diagnosis, Philippa Hughes Makes Big Changes

In many respects, this summer has been a typical one for Philippa Hughes. But “typical” for Hughes means unreal in the best possible ways. The Pink Line Project founder spent two months eating and surfing in Los Angeles, Sicily, and Portland, Ore. She took a writing workshop in Maui conducted by author Rebecca Walker. At [...]

Jeffry Cudlin Plots a Slow, Dangerous Crawl Through Rosslyn

Performance artist and Washington City Paper contributor Jeffry Cudlin moved to Arlington in 1995 and lived there for four years. The first time he set foot in Rosslyn, he got completely lost while putting up fliers for his band. He eventually realized it was futile—no one was walking around the barren corporate wasteland at 8 p.m. on [...]

ToDo ToDay: Donkeys and Elephants! Rum Flips!

Considering how much the practice of politics—and journalism—has changed over the years, the art of political cartooning has been surprisingly resilient. In the sprawling and occasionally inspired “Donkeys & Elephants,” Studio Gallery aims to document the art form’s evolution over the years. The show includes mini-collections of original art by the late Washington Post cartoonist Herblock, [...]

Shit’s Fucked Up: Pink Line Project Opens an Etsy Shop

It hardly matters that Vestibule was only a temporary art display erected during Occupy D.C., which was itself a short-lived protest over, oh, sort of everything involving banks and power. The sentiment lives on in a cursory statement from D.C. artist Joe Orzal that debuted as a piece of text-art at Vestibule that read, "Shit's [...]

Would You Like Fries With Your Performance Art?

From the start, art doyenne Philippa Hughes has said she's all about making art accessible. The only problem with making arts accessible via art party, of course, is that people still must elect to go to the art party.
Evangelizing for performance art might be even tougher. Or at the very least, Hughes says, the form [...]

Why You Should Pay Attention to Lumen8Anacostia

No judgements here. Lumen8Anacostia—the first of four "Temporium" initiatives that D.C.'s Office of Planning is funding through a $250,000 ArtPlace grant—opens this weekend with a 12-hour fete, and I'm eager to see how it plays out. Art parties, like art, shouldn't be reviewed until you see the final product.
Lumen8Anacostia deserves to be considered carefully, because 1) [...]

ToDo ToDay: Happy Birthday, Maracuyeah D.C.!

It feels like DJ collective Maracuyeah D.C. has been around a lot longer for a year. But maybe it's just that DJs rAt, Bent, and Mafe know how to throw a memorable party. After roughly 365 days of bumping all hybrids of tropical bass in small rooms 'round town, Maracuyeah is celebrating its first anniversary [...]

Arts Roundup: Pledge Drive Edition

Dirt, Styrofoam, Other Stuff: Pink Line Project breaks down the Flashpoint Gallery's current exhibit "Site Aperture," to which artists Talia Greene, Mia Feuer, Margaret Boozer, and Mariah Anne Johnson contributed very different elements. Greene's leafy pattern on the gallery's back wall was painted in coffee; Boozer's vein of rubble running through the room is the soil [...]

Philippa Hughes Has an Artist Living in a Plastic Bubble in Her Apartment

On May 8, artist Agnes Bolt moved into the Pink Line Project founder's Philippa Hughes's Northwest apartment. More to the point, Bolt is living in a plastic bubble in the middle of Hughes's living space for a week. According to the blog they've set up to document their project, the two will be "playfully explor[ing] [...]