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The Luscious Dancing of Pina in 3D

Pina, the 3D documentary by Wim Wenders on the work of famed German choreographer Pina Bausch, opens today in Washington. Film critic Tricia Olszewski reviewed the movie in this week's City Paper. My two-word dance-writer take? See it.
The film—which has been nominated for an Oscar for best documentary feature—offers little other than dancing, both as part [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: The Kid-Punk Industrial Complex, Red, Franz Jantzen

Lindsay Zoladz has the cover with the look into the local kids-punk scene, which has benefited from a boom in after-school rock academies, and which blows all of our adult authenticity hangups to pieces. Chris Klimek leads the arts section with reviews of Folger's The Gaming Table—a resuscitated 300-year-old comedy involving lots of cards and [...]