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Don’t Be Bored: Pictureplane, Big Boi

Pictureplane, the 26-year-old producer Travis Egedy, makes big-room music for small spaces. Tonight, touring on his clubbiest album yet, Thee Physical, he’s playing the least clubby of venues—Subterranean A, a private residence located around the corner and down a staircase from a cluster of actual nightclubs. But there’s no irony [...]

True Womanhood, Now Very Electronic, Covers Pictureplane

Last we heard from True Womanhood, the band had just released "Minajah," the first of its "Reel Too Real" series of songs recorded on a vintage 8-track mixing board the band restored last year. A warped, hazy, effects-laden attempt at Moombahton, "Minajah" also hinted at the band's shift toward a more electronic future.
True Womanhood's newest [...]