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Reviewed: Gurujeet Khalsa at Photoworks

Gurujeet Khalsa of Chevy Chase, Md., has a career in technology and health care, and he’s an aficionado of Japanese gardens and the board game Go. Oh yeah, he’s also a photographer. And not a bad one.
His exhibit at Glen Echo’s Photoworks includes works from all over—Belize, Maine, the Pacific Northwest—most of them focused on [...]

Have You Seen Michael Horsley’s Photos of a Blighted D.C.? Probably.

Michael Horsley is sitting on the corner of 14th and T streets NW, across from the building where he says gangs used to sell women for sex.
“I had a knife pulled out on me one day when I was just sitting out on my stoop,” he says. “This guy came chasing a prostitute around the [...]