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Reviewed: John Brown at Cross Mackenzie Gallery

In John Brown’s return engagement at Cross Mackenzie Gallery, the Washington photographer picks back up his previous subject matter—delicate portrayals of trees—but with a welcome tweak or two.
Brown’s 2010 exhibit at the gallery consisted of grids of dreamlike photographic assemblages documenting an arbor of vines, season by season, while his contribution to a 2012 group [...]

Reviewed: “Gute Aussichten: New German Photography” at Goethe-Institut Washington

The 2013-2014 edition of the exhibit “Gute Aussichten: New German Photography” includes an impressively broad selection of nine artists. Unfortunately, the gallery space at the Goethe-Institut Washington is too small to give them the full showing they deserve.
Take Anna Domnick, who has created two multipart series that grapple with “intellectual and physical disintegration.” The walls [...]

Reviewed: Manuel Pandalis at the Leica Store

Sometimes it’s better to know the art than the artist. Such is the case with “Pure,” a series of portraits by the German photographer Manuel Pandalis.
The images, being shown for the first time in North America at D.C.’s Leica Store, are head-and-shoulders portraits of models, free of makeup. This is designed to make these demigods [...]

Meet a Local Comics Writer and Filmmaker: A Chat With Joe Carabeo

Joe Carabeo is a multimedia machine. He's a filmmaker, a photographer (especially of beautiful women with tattoos), a comic-book writer, and half of Curls Studio. I caught up with him before the convention season starts up again.
Washington City Paper: What type of comic work or cartooning do you do?
Joe Carabeo: I'm a writer and creator [...]

Reviewed: Michael Horsley at DCAC

Michael Horsley is best known for his documentation of pre-gentrification D.C., but in “At the Crossroad: A Topography of Space, Time and Memory,” an exhibit of new and newish works at DCAC, Horsley turns the page—at least a bit—to a more varied conception of the American landscape.
While the exhibit includes a bunch of examples of [...]

Photographer Timothy Hyde and the Art of Darkness

Timothy Hyde, a D.C.-based photographer, has assembled his current exhibition in the dark. Not in the darkroom—literally in the shadows.
Hyde's series “Darkness Visible”—on view at Alexandria’s Multiple Exposures Gallery through Feb. 16—comprises images shot at night.
"In both literature and our collective memory, nighttime is charged with meaning—sometimes the provenance of evil and ignorance, sometimes the [...]

Reviewed: Gurujeet Khalsa at Photoworks

Gurujeet Khalsa of Chevy Chase, Md., has a career in technology and health care, and he’s an aficionado of Japanese gardens and the board game Go. Oh yeah, he’s also a photographer. And not a bad one.
His exhibit at Glen Echo’s Photoworks includes works from all over—Belize, Maine, the Pacific Northwest—most of them focused on [...]

Reviewed: Grace Taylor at Photoworks

During three decades as a photographer, Grace Taylor, whose work is currently featured in a small retrospective at Glen Echo’s Photoworks Gallery, has moved restlessly between techniques.
In a 1999 series, Taylor photographed the people and places of rural Tibet in straightforward black-and-white prints; she captured everything from delicate stacks of papers to a monk walking [...]

The Best Photographic Images of 2013

The best photographic images in D.C. museums and galleries this year offered a memorable confluence of visual elements, engaged in conceptual experimentation, and made clever use of atypical materials and techniques. They were not, in other words, antiquated. But among my five favorites, only one was made in 2013.
The others were from 1947, 1956, 1973, [...]

The Best D.C. Photography Exhibits of 2013

If you wanted to see good photography in D.C. in 2013, you had lots of options. Sweeping historical surveys? Sure. Tech-forward experiments? Yep. Landscapes, scientific images, personal explorations? Check, check, and check. Here, in descending order, are my picks for the best photographic exhibits in the Washington area this year.

1. “Black Box: Gerco de Ruijter” [...]