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Photographic Dispatches From Bolivia to Anacostia at Carroll Square Gallery

Portraits of day laborers in La Paz, jazz musicians, and one pink-shirted youngster

How Punk Rocker Chris Suspect Became a Photographer With Global Cred

"In a band, you have to deal with personalities and the life conflicts of other members. In photography, I only have myself to blame if I don't take advantage of an opportunity."

Photographer Jared Soares and the Magic of a D.C. Summer Basketball League

"The nicknames for each bleacher section, the pickup games played by teens before the actual games, DJ Mixx playing the league theme song... It’s more than just basketball."

Julius Kassovic on the Zen of Photographing One Creek Over and Over

You really can't step into the same creek twice, it turns out.

In Photography and Video, a Moody Paean to Washington’s Metro System

Slow pans, zooming headlights, and those damn escalators.

Photos: Perfect Pussy

“Faith”: Religion, Irony, and Latex Bodysuits in Photos at the Leica Store

In a new exhibition at D.C.’s Leica Store, the STRATA collective—an eight-photographer network based in D.C. and San Francisco—chronicles “Faith,” though its definition of that term is squarely catholic (the small-c kind). The members, who specialize in street photography, define the exhibit as exploring “the notions of faith and the things people hold on to in [...]

The Day Laborers and Tiny Houses of Mexican Suburbia, in Photos

It’s not every day you stumble upon photography that combines visual interest, social righteousness, and empathy for its subjects. But Alejandro Cartagena’s work, now on display at the Art Museum of the Americas in an exhibit called the “Small Guide to Homeownership,” exudes each of those things.
Cartagena, based in the northern Mexican city of Monterrey, [...]

Familiar Landscapes in Photos at the Corcoran Gallery of Art

“Terra Firma” is summertime filler—two small rooms of landscape photographs from the Corcoran Gallery of Art’s vaults. But in the dog days of August, filler can fit the mood perfectly.
This hodgepodge of an exhibition features characteristic landscape works by a range of photographic giants, including Carleton Watkins, Eadweard Muybridge, William Henry Jackson, Timothy O’Sullivan (whose [...]

American Indian Photography, Reimagined Through Portraits and Irony

The National Museum of the American Indian exhibit, “Indelible: The Platinum Photographs of Larry McNeil and Will Wilson,” poses a compelling question: Can a photographic technology serve ideological motives?
Not only do McNeil and Wilson, both Native American artists, believe that’s the case; they’ve staked their careers on it.
Platinum printing was invented in the 1870s, offering [...]