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Eli Reed’s Portraits of Unrelenting Misfortune

Reed’s work is the focus of a two-part retrospective at the Leica Store DC.

Photos Capture Schools of Hawaiian Fish in Hypnotizing Shapes

Fish organize into undulating, minimalist forms in Wayne Levin's black-and-white images at the National Academy of Sciences.

Photos: Bless at 453 Florida

We Couldn’t Photograph the Foo Fighters. Here’s What We Did Instead

We asked readers for photos, a good, one-time solution to ridiculous demands.

Why We’re Not Photographing the Foo Fighters

The band's contract really, really sucks.

Photographer James Crable Enters the Matrix

From afar, Crable's work looks quilted. Up close, they reveal lively, everyday vignettes.

Photo: Sally Mann at National Gallery of Art

Sally Mann signing her memoir, Hold Still: A Memoir with Photographs at National Gallery of Art, June 21st.

Photo: William Christenberry at Hemphill Fine Arts

William Christenberry at Hemphill Fine Arts, June 10th.

Matt Stuart Finds the Humor and Absurdity in Street Photography

Pigeon feet, bubbles as monocles, and ill-placed hands make for wonderfully weird documentary photos.

Photos: Chain and The Gang @ Capital Fringe

Chain and The Gang at Capital Fringe, 1358 Florida Ave, NE, May 24th.