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Listen: Washerwoman’s Debut Seven-Inch

In this week's Washington City Paper—our annual Best of D.C. issue—I've got all kinds of praise for Cricket Cemetery Records, which over the last year has grown from a great boutique hardcore label into, um, a great boutique hardcore-plus-other-stuff label. Cricket Cemetery has a bunch of releases the spring, and selections from most of them [...]

ToDo ToDay: What Will Todd Glass Talk About at the Improv?

Most people who knew about Todd Glass before he appeared on Marc Maron’s “WTF” podcast in January are comedy nerds, pure and simple. Glass’ cerebral style of observational, pot-friendly humor made him a comic’s comic, beloved by indie queen Sarah Silverman and casino headliner David Spade alike. He happily fills any space with bombastic rants [...]

Jonathan L. Fischer’s 10 Best Local Tracks of 2011

Weird year, 2011. D.C.'s most visible band released an app, not an album. Its great rap hope released an album that was disappointing in critics' eyes, but which cemented him as a mainstream presence. Dischord returned to relevance with a handful of new albums and handsome archival releases; new labels formed; and Sockets remained the [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Panis et Circenses

Since releasing a debut cassette last winter, Phonic Riot has expanded from two members to an ever-changing lineup of four. But the D.C. band isn’t exactly going for more intricacy. The bass adds thrust; a second guitar offers sheet-metal histrionics and little else. And that’s OK: Noisy, shriek-filled, and art-abused, the band seems to inhabit [...]

Dance Music for Misanthropes: A Chat With No Love Lost’s Sean Gray and Denman Anderson

For the last year or so, Fan Death Records co-proprietor Sean Gray and DJ and man-about-town Denman C. Anderson have been repping hard for something called cold wave, or minimal synth—an obscure subset of post-punk that's been enjoying a slightly less obscure revival in recent years thanks to the work of labels like Wierd Records [...]

The Pragmatist: Three Songs for Your Space Opera

You've got big plans. Maybe too big. You're working on something out of this world, literally. "It's like a rock opera, but it doesn't suck, and it's in outer space," you say to yourself. Sounds crazy, sure, but it just might work. It will be dark, full of melodrama, and, well, it'll happen in outer [...]

Download: Phonic Riot’s “Run Nikki Run”

This shit is dark. Phonic Riot's Angela Morrish banshee-wails like a possessed Corin Tucker, and abuses her guitar like late-'80s Sonic Youth at its most abrasive. I'm sure Sean Gray, one of the dudes behind Fan Death Records and now 2,632 Tapes, wouldn't put the inaugural release of the latter label in such indie-canon terms. In a [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: Magrudergrind, U.S. Royalty, Return to Haifa

It's all been online for nearly a day already, but in case you missed something, this week's dead-tree City Paper has lots of sexy stuff:

Leor Galil profiles D.C. grindcore trio Magrudergrind, who pissed off some of their peers by releasing an EP through Scion, the Toyota brand. But why are grindcore kids still hung up [...]

On the Pleasures of Receiving a Cassette in the Mail

True story: If you send me a cassette tape, I will totally listen to it. This is because 1) I have a working cassette deck at home; and 2) guess how often I get to use it?
So I was pretty happy to get this demo cassette from D.C.'s Black Telephone yesterday. I was also pretty [...]

Video: Phonic Riot’s Wailing Will Totally Melt Your Brain

It's a slow day here at Arts Desk Central, so I'll point you to this clip of locals Phonic Riot, which is totally melting my brain this afternoon. FYI: Scene provocateurs Fan Death Records inform me via G-Chat that with Phonic Riot, they now enjoy three D.C. bands, up from two. We'll have to assume [...]