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Arts Roundup: Washington Post Edition

Ramble On: Georgetown's Govinda Gallery, D.C.'s only rock-n-roll art gallery, closed on June 30th after 35 years. Director Chris Murray tells the Reliable Source, "I just feel proud of what we did there. I’m not sad at all." Govinda will continue to operate as an arts consultant and publishing company. Meanwhile, in kinda [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: The Anti-(e)merge, Allan deSouza, Washed Out

Kriston Capps leads off this week's arts section with his look at But Is It Art?, a DIY art fair scheduled the same weekend as (e)merge, a glossy gathering of international galleries that will take place at the Capitol Skyline Hotel. That edificie's owner, Mera Rubell, is a major Miami art patron, and she's poised [...]

Arts Roundup: Cy Twombly Edition

R.I.P.: American abstract artist Cy Twombly died this week at 83. The painter from Virginia specialized in lines, squiggles, and splatters, and was frequently misunderstood throughout his early career. The rise of neo-expressionism invigorated his reputation in the 1980s, and Twombly's works went on to fetch over $1 million at auction. Twombly, who was gay, [...]

Reviewed: “Left Behind: Selected Gifts from the Heather and Tony Podesta Collection” at the Phillips Collection

The Phillips Collection’s “Left Behind: Selected Gifts from the Heather and Tony Podesta Collection” has a promising theme—photographs of “unpopulated spaces in which a human presence is not evident but only implied.” But the selection by eight artists is uneven. The exhibit includes uncharacteristically uninspired works by otherwise talented artists—Vesna Pavlovic (a pair of drab [...]

Arts Roundup: Successes and Failures Edition

Someone please give this reporter a break: Particularly since the departure of chief art critic Blake Gopnik, the Washington Post fine arts blog, Arts Post, has been barely subsisting on museums beat reporting by Jacqueline Trescott. Recently, a few new bylines have been added—including fashion writer Katherine Boyle, arts aide Erin Williams, and a few [...]

A Body’s Take on Sculpture, This Evening at the Phillips

Ever heard the expression, “Writing about music is like dancing about architecture”? I didn’t make it up. It’s an effort to illustrate the futility of converting expressions uniquely conveyed by one medium into another.
But people write about music all the time—all over this blog, for one—with varying degrees of success. And it turns out that [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang: Vol. 14

Fourteen weeks on the grind, and we're itchin' for a respite. Far Out vs. Hot Dang will return on Dec. 3, because you crave it. Don't lie, you do. In the meantime, there will be some eating involved, because we are zombies.

"The man can smear beats together or break them down into seven parts; either [...]

Reviewed: “TruthBeauty: Pictorialism and the Photograph as Art” at the Phillips Collection

TruthBeauty: Pictorialism and the Photograph as Art—an extensive survey of the famous, soft-focus aesthetic of the late 19th and early 20th centuries—sometimes makes you yearn for a right angle, or at least a sharp line. The exhibit is burdened by a surplus of unconvincing religious, emotional and literary fantasies, as well as images that take [...]

Phillips Collection Reopens Tomorrow, Offers Free Admission Through September

Museum Waives Admission Fees Through September 2010
Washington, D.C. — The Phillips Collection reopens Saturday, September 4 after closing due to a renovation-related fire on the roof of the Phillips House. The Phillips House will remain closed for repairs until further notice. All other galleries will open, including those where special exhibitions Pousette-Dart: Predominantly White Paintings [...]

Arts Roundup: Groundbreaking Edition

Good morning! Lotsa ground-breaking yesterday! The Howard Theatre's seems to have gone off without a hitch. As for the new Fillmore venue in Silver Spring? Hours after a bunch of guys at the site posed with shovels, local concert promoter I.M.P. added Montgomery County to its lawsuit against the state of Maryland, alleging shady use [...]