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ToDo ToDay: The Jewish Music Festival Is Not For Alter Kockers

It’s not easy for a Jewish music festival to break certain associations in the public’s mind—namely, the ones that involve a lonely Hasid sitting on a roof, fiddling away. But Jewish music doesn’t end with klezmer, as the Jewish Community Center’s annual showcase demonstrates. Sure, it may begin there, with acts like Abraham Inc. (shown), [...]

Don’t Be Bored: We Should Talk About Kevin

Former Saturday Night Live star Kevin Nealon, best known as the “Weekend Update” anchor—or another one of Adam Sandler’s friends that shows up in all his movies—is the guy that got the job because he stuck around. He was 31 when he first appeared on television; he never did impressions, original characters, or physical humor. [...]

Arts Roundup: Shut Up! We’re Doing Yoga Here Edition

Fake Brits Got Swagger: So, Watch the Throne, the grandiose collaboration between Jay-Z and Kanye West, is kind of weaksauce. But perhaps equally startling? Over at Click Track, Chris Richards and David Malitz take note of the fact that instead of Hov or Ye, the album's opening track "No Church in the Wild" begins with "a [...]

Arts Roundup: Washington Post Edition

Ramble On: Georgetown's Govinda Gallery, D.C.'s only rock-n-roll art gallery, closed on June 30th after 35 years. Director Chris Murray tells the Reliable Source, "I just feel proud of what we did there. I’m not sad at all." Govinda will continue to operate as an arts consultant and publishing company. Meanwhile, in kinda [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Phillips After 5, Fringe Kicks Off

Full disclosure: A bunch of my former and current colleagues are involved in tonight's TBD-hosted Phillips After 5, but it's still your best bet for early-evening revelry. Set to perform: Warped disco dudes Protect-U (featuring very occasional WCP contributor Aaron Leitko) and DJs Whiskey Sherpa (featuring WCP Beerspotter columnist Orr Shtuhl). THEATER PEOPLE: WCP theater [...]

Wear Boat Shoes, Lend Renoir Your Thoughts Tomorrow at the Phillips

Only T-Pain will be missing from the Phillips Collection's yacht rock–themed special edition of its Phillips After 5 series tomorrow. For the party—during which the museum stays open late and serves wine and fare—the Phillips is inviting folks to dress in their best summer whites, while the museum dishes up Caribbean dancing, beverages, and food. [...]

DC Jazz Festival: Phillips After 5

One of the hippest, most imaginative additions to last year's festival was the program at the Phillips Collection. In addition to including the regular chamber jazz performances in the music room—part of the museum's Phillips After Five series on the first Thursday of every month—DCJF placed musicians in the galleries themselves and let them wander [...]