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The Art of the Steal: A Brief History of Museum Theft in D.C.

It’s no theft of the Mona Lisa, but the tale of the “flea market” Renoir was one of the best art-theft stories the D.C. area has seen in years—made irresistible by the fishy claims of a local woman who, saying she paid $7 for Renoir’s “On the Shore of the Seine” at a flea market [...]

Ratner Museum Plans “Format Change” for First Floor

The Ratner Museum in Bethesda, Md., is in the process of canceling all of its fall shows to make way for a "format change" on the museum's first floor. About 150 artists who show their work on that floor will be affected.
Museum co-founder Phillip Ratner says "We're changing the format of the museum in a [...]