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Arts Roundup: “The Sound of Silence” Edition

The Library of Congress adds 25 songs, including Simon and Garfunkel's "The Sound of Silence," to the National Recording Registry. [AP via WJLA]
Decatur House's Japanese silk paintings get a face lift. [Post]
Philippa Hughes: Performance art is everywhere in D.C. [Pink Line Project]
Joe Englert, owner of Rock & Roll Hotel and oodles of other local bars, gives [...]

Would You Like Fries With Your Performance Art?

From the start, art doyenne Philippa Hughes has said she's all about making art accessible. The only problem with making arts accessible via art party, of course, is that people still must elect to go to the art party.
Evangelizing for performance art might be even tougher. Or at the very least, Hughes says, the form [...]

Why You Should Pay Attention to Lumen8Anacostia

No judgements here. Lumen8Anacostia—the first of four "Temporium" initiatives that D.C.'s Office of Planning is funding through a $250,000 ArtPlace grant—opens this weekend with a 12-hour fete, and I'm eager to see how it plays out. Art parties, like art, shouldn't be reviewed until you see the final product.
Lumen8Anacostia deserves to be considered carefully, because 1) [...]

Arts Roundup: Consider the Wonk Band Edition

Country Life: The novelist Wendell Berry will give the 41st Jefferson Lecture in the Humanities at the Kennedy Center on April 23, reports The New York Times. Berry, whose many novels, stories, and nonfiction writings center on the American rural South, has in the past criticized certain aspects of modernity, like mountaintop-removal mining (bad!) and [...]

My Office Squalor Is Now Art

If my desk reflects my personality, then clearly I am a mess.
Yesterday, E. Brady Robinson, the photographer behind the ongoing project "Desks as Portraits: An Inside Look at the DC Art World," stopped by Washington City Paper to take a portrait of my workspace. Obviously, I did not clean up beforehand.
Well, OK, I made one change. When [...]

Agnes Bolt Occupies Occupy D.C.

Maybe you missed Agnes Bolt's week-long live-in performance project at the home of arts maven Philippa Hughes. And perhaps you skipped "Dealing," the artist's surprising solo show that just closed at Project 4 Gallery and featured artifacts from the Hughes encampment and another of Bolt's impositions on our city's poor art collectors. No matter. You [...]

Roadmap for 2029: Philip Barlow’s Actuarial Report on Artist Agnes Bolt

My favorite piece in Agnes Bolt's solo show at Project 4 is "Expertise," a collaborative exercise with Philip Barlow, a longtime D.C. art collector. In advance of her show, Bolt invited Barlow to get down in the trenches with her, challenging one another in a week-long game of performance art dares. The exhibit features all [...]

Arts Roundup: Return of the Bubble Edition

Same Collaborators, New Living Quarters: The Pittsburgh-based artist Agnes Bolt, who earlier this year spent a week camped inside a bubble inside Philippa Hughes' living room, returns this weekend with a new exhibit—this one at the Project 4 Gallery on U Street NW—that features more personal information from the Pink Line Project leader. Over at [...]

The Rockville Suite: How American Dance Institute Became the Area’s Most Progressive Dance Venue

Emerge from the Twinbrook Metrorail station in search of the American Dance Institute, and you might wonder if you got off on the wrong stop. Ahead is Rockville Pike and its endless caravan of determined cars. One side is lined with familiar strip mall hallmarks: Hooters, Fuddruckers, and a Sleepys mattress store. The other is a [...]

Arts Roundup: Danging Participle Edition

Hash Tag: Philippa Hughes reports from the graffiti-art panel on which she appeared earlier this week. Key wisdom: "I heard many in the audience say that they liked the 'beautiful' street art pieces but they didn't like tagging and the ugly stuff.  This kind of comment makes me a little nervous for several reasons. When [...]