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Strike Two for Melissa Chiu?

The Hirshhorn director hired a curator with a big conflict of interest and will hold the museum's 40th-anniversary gala in New York, not D.C.

The Dangerous Precedent of the Smithsonian’s Support for Bill Cosby

Plus: A Smithsonian website user tagged a Cosby portrait with "rapist."

Six Reasons Bowser Should Reconsider Pulling ICE from the Franklin School

If Bowser picks a new development team with strong ties to her election, she will be living up to her lowest expectations.

The National Mall and the Hirshhorn Bubble: Too Many Studies, Not Enough Building

The latest issue of architecture journal Clog is devoted to the National Mall. Among several dozen short essays about the National Park Service-regulated expanse in downtown Washington, one of the standouts comes from Ennead Architects, a New York-based firm that has put in 15 years on various Mall projects. The unsigned editorial is short, but it [...]

Arts Roundup: They Danced Since They Wanted to Edition

The Civil-Disobedience Two-Step: As promised, dancers gathered at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial on Saturday to dance in opposition to the arrest a week ago of...dancers in the Jefferson Memorial. There were no arrests this time, although U.S. Park Police eventually closed down the memorial. WaPo has a photo gallery.
Word is No Police Cruisers Were Harmed: Daniel [...]

Philip Kennicott Is The Washington Post’s New Art Critic

The Washington Post finally has a new visual art critic. Philip Kennicott, currently the paper's culture critic, will fill the post vacated by Blake Gopnik in December. Kennicott will continue to write on architecture, one of the many topics he covered as culture critic; he's been regularly reviewing museum exhibits since Gopnik's departure.
Kennicott confirmed the [...]

WaPo Kennedy Center Smackdown!

Kennedy Center President Michael Kaiser must be smartin' this weekend. In today's Washington Post, the Sunday Arts section unleashes a five-critic assault on the massive arts center's upcoming season. "Is the Kennedy Center playing it too safe?" reads the headline of Philip Kennicott's package-leading essay. If the answer was no, there'd be no point in asking.
Looking at [...]

Should Smithsonian Secretary Clough Go?

Philip Kennicott says yes. In an impassioned essay for the Washington Post, Kennicott calls for the resignation of Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution Wayne Clough, arguing that his official decision to remove a video work by David Wojnarowicz from the National Portrait Gallery earlier this month rolled back on the progress of Smithsonian museums and [...]