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Don’t Be Bored: Beautiful Despair

Being called twee is kind of like being called a hipster: You never self-identify that way. In interviews, the members of London’s Veronica Falls frequently bristle at being lumped in with the cuddly indie-pop sound, and you can hear why. There may be jangly guitars and delicate boy-girl vocals throughout the band’s excellent debut on [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: Bruise Cruise, Fraser Gallery, Gauguin

This week, I've got the cover story with a freewheeling tale of indie rock on the high seas: In "A Supposedly Punk Thing I'll Never Do Again," I recount what, exactly, I learned on the Bruise Cruise. Bonus: a Bruise Cruise photo gallery from Darrow Montgomery.
Kriston Capps and Louis Jacobson lead the arts section with [...]