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On Empire Falls, SmCity Debunks Local Rap Myths

"Wanna know the music bidness biggest challenge? Nobody gives a fuck about a nigga's talent."

The Breaks: This Week in DMV Hip-Hop

The first song from Wale's upcoming release, a haunting new GoldLink track, and (finally!) concrete news on Logic's debut album.

ToDo ToDay: Phil Adé, Twin Forks, and YES

Personality is essential to a lyricist’s success. That ability to connect with an audience—that earnest charm—endeared listeners to Maryland rapper Phil Adé when his debut, Starting on JV, was released five years ago. His likability and effortless flair for flipping syllables had him pegged as the next local artist on the brink of stardom after releasing [...]

The Breaks: This Week in DMV Hip-Hop

This is the "Fuck yeah, America" edition of the Breaks, which features thoughts on the strongest local hip-hop project of the year so far (in my opinion, at least), plus new music and videos from Ras Nebyu, Chaz French, Phil Adé, and, finally, a mention of Yo Gotti’s Howard Theatre performance tomorrow night.
Mid-Year Check-In
Somehow 2014 [...]

Watch Kingpen Slim’s Glossy New Video for “Trippin”

If Kingpen Slim was a basketball player, he'd be Scottie Pippen, the well-rounded everything-man who could D you up, score 20-plus points and run the offense, or dunk on you and step over your fallen carcass. Musically, Slim can craft bubbly radio singles and sullen street tales with ease, both of which are unforced and mostly [...]

Phil Adé Speaks “The Language”

Since establishing new focus and re-routing his career with last summer’s R.O.S.E., Phil Adé has stayed on top of the scene, releasing a consistent stream of music and videos in the following months. His latest video is for a rendition of Drake’s "The Language," in which the Maryland rapper talks Drake-esque shit over hypnotic production. [...]

Phil Adé Is Undeniably Happy in His New Video

One listen to Phil Adé’s remix of Pharrell’s "Happy" made it clear that the Maryland rapper had endless fun making it. All the accompanying video does is confirm this. In the Daniel St. Ours-directed clip, Adé is possessed by the song’s positive vibes, exuding a carefree confidence that allows him to easily deploy multiple rhyme schemes—and [...]

Listen: Phil Adé’s Remix of Pharrell’s “Happy”

Still flying high from last summer’s R.O.S.E., Phil Adé took the beat to Pharrell’s "Happy" for a spin recently. The Oscar-nominated tune is so infectious that it’s almost impossible not to smile when you hear it, something the Maryland rapper alludes to: "Funny how a song about a mood could move 'em amazes me." Everyone [...]

ToDo ToDay: Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival, Dead Meadow, and Dance Parties

The motto for the Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival, “Standing Up for Real Jazz,” smacks of rigid definition—the Jazz-as-Ideology school. But festival curator Paul Carr doesn't just wave the banner of purism: He builds a case for it. The first day alone features 21 different performances of solid, swinging, straight-ahead jazz (with an opening-night performance by Giacomo [...]

DMV Beats: Doe Cigapom, Fatz Da Big Fella, Kokayi, Jon Laine, Internationally Known, and Phil Adé

Doe, Drew, and XO
Doe Cigapom is tired of bullshit rap. The beginning of his new song, "You Know Who You Are," confirms that: "My influence is y'all niggas that's fake rappin'/Every other bar in ya rhyme, you stay clappin'." It's not an unusual stance for the D.C. expat, whose 2012 EP CagedBirds laid out his [...]