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Reviewed: Rush

In Ron Howard’s Rush, Chris Hemsworth is the charismatic feel-gooder who, with his shining eyes and swoony smile, will fill the seats playing 1970s British Formula 1 racing legend James Hunt. The lesser-known Daniel Brühl, as Hunt’s Austrian rival/frenemy Niki Lauda, goes head-to-head, both fictionally and professionally, with the actor best known to audiences as [...]

Comfort Is Key at Newly Renovated Bethesda Row Cinema

No one could accuse Bethesda Row Cinema of lacking a certain sheen. The Landmark-owned movie house just off of Bethesda's tony Woodmont Avenue has been a destination for film fans since it opened in 2002. But now, after a months-long renovation, the theater is more posh than ever.
The first things you might notice are the [...]

Eastwood and Morgan Discuss Hereafter

Clint Eastwood nearly died when he was 21. And when faced with the possibility of meeting his maker, his thoughts naturally turned to...hunkering down with a cold one.
"I was in a plane crash off the coast of Northern California in the wintertime," Eastwood says at a press conference for his new film about the afterlife, [...]