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Dancing on Their Own

Outside of Sidney Harman Hall last Thursday evening, Keira Hart Mendoza’s company UpRooted Dance was releasing balloons into the sky.
Titled “What Goes Up Must Come Down,” her piece transformed the sidewalk into a windswept stage, while dancers with balloons clipped to their bodies and hair floated into the Harman’s foyer. It was a delightful, thoughtful exploration [...]

The New Dance Metro DC: Stripped Down but Still Functional

Update: Dance Metro DC has been revamped.
No, the changes to the city’s only dance service organization aren’t too profound, but they’re structural shifts that will allow the group to move forward. Most significantly, Peter DiMuro is out as director and will be joining the board instead. And rather than replacing him with another full-time executive [...]

A Reborn Dance Metro DC Is on Its Way

I’d thought Dance Metro DC had simply disappeared. With increasingly fewer email updates arriving in my inbox, a dysfunctional website, and the annual MetroDC Dance Awards apparently postponed indefinitely, I figured the city’s dance service organization was just another arts-related casualty of the recession.
But it’s not the case—and that’s good news. “Nothing has dissolved,” Doug Yeuell [...]