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New Atlantis Collective Launches Record Label

While talking at last night's D.C. Jazz Loft to guitarist Ed Ricart, half of Matta Gawa and core member of the New Atlantis Collective, he mentioned that the collective is about to inaugurate its own record label.
New Atlantis Records is dedicated to "improvised music from the U.S. mid-Atlantic, and Europe as well," says Ricart. "We're [...]

Don’t Miss Peter Brötzmann’s Full Blast Tonight

"Wasn't he just here?" you might be thinking. Well, yes, but the last time famed free-jazzer Peter Brötzmann played the Velvet Lounge, just a few weeks ago, he wasn't backed by a rhythm section straight out of the extreme metal world.
Full Blast sees Brötzmann in a trio with electric bassist Marino Pliakas and whirling dervish/drummer [...]

Improv Sandwich

Unless I missed it, there was no lecture to be had from Peter Brötzmann at the Velvet Lounge last night. Instead he did two sets: one solo, one group improvisation with Chromatic Mysteries (featuring drummer/avant-maestro Scott Verrastro).
The solo was classic Brötzmann, requiring great intellectual energy to penetrate his harsh, often shrieky tone for the melody [...]