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Photos: The Who @ Verizon Center

The Who brought its second rock opera, Quadrophenia, to the Verizon Center last night, led by the band's two surviving original members, lead singer Roger Daltrey and singer/guitarist Pete Townshend. The band wasn't same high-energy act of yesteryear—Townshend didn't slide across the stage on his knees, and Daltrey dialed back his microphone cord-swinging. But then again, [...]

Arts Roundup: “Bob Dylan, Acrylic on Canvas” Edition

*Bob Dylan paints his masterpiece? Theoretically. El Bard is set to debut some paintings based on his "Drawn Blank" series of sketches from the early '90s. TO WIT: "Man on Bridge" (right; acrylic, 2009).
*Related: The Guardian has a neat little slideshow of Dylan's Nov., 2007 exhibit at the Chemnitz Art Gallery in eastern Germany.
*Not quite [...]

The Secret Policeman’s Ball(s):
Martin Lewis, John Cleese, and the Origin of the Superstar Benefit Love-Fest

A conversation with Martin Lewis is a lot like a celebrity benefit show: there's name-dropping, obligatory roasting, flash and panache, and a definite hint of the self-congratulatory. The man has helped manage Eric Burdon and Donovan, produced records, films, and festivals on both sides of the Atlantic, and served as HuffPo's resident "least-reserved Englishman." Hell, [...]

Slideshow: The Who at the Verizon Center

Pete Townshend didn't duck-walk on Monday night.  He didn't curse, or smash his guitar, or clock Abbie Hoffman in the back of the head.  In fact, he didn't do anything of which your mother wouldn't approve.
Which isn't to say that the Who in its current incarnation lacks vim, vigor, or even cheek...just that the guys [...]