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How All Our Noise Became One of D.C.’s Best Music Blogs

At first, Victor Alejándro Aguilar and Raul Zahir De Leon didn't mean for All Our Noise to take on its own life. "We had this DJ night we were trying to promote," says De Leon. "We had this idea we would have this blog mostly to promote this night." Their Marquis party at Napoleon may not [...]

Why Perfume Genius Can’t Listen to New Music

There are plenty of reasons why Perfume Genius' 2010 debut is striking, but let's start with the most obvious: The only instrument is piano. On Learning, the Seattle singer (nee Mike Hadreas) plumbs heavy topics like drugs, sexuality, and suicide—fragile, personal stuff that's only amplified by the bare arrangements and hushed, layered vocals. Hadreas recorded the album [...]